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by Curtis at 2:18 PM
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Faction Royal will be resetting tomorrow the 31st of December. I gave some notice last week that reset is coming and yes it was supposed to come on the Friday, but we had some complications with out dedicated server which caused it to be delayed and we were unable to access to new server. This has caused it to be delayed and since the server is EU we want the release time to suit that playerbase more.

So I decide we will be resetting it tomorrow around 7pm GMT (UK Time).

What WILL be reset:

- The map contents
- Players inventories, pvs and enderchests
- sethomes and balances
- faction data, claims, f homes, names and members

You will NOT lose your crate key balances, tags or ranks! This also includes extra purchased items and won items such as kits, extra commands and more!

Sorry this is such a sort post, I just wanted to get it out in time.


by Curtis at 11:48 PM
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I am happy to announce that we are doing our weekend resets for the servers Factions Silver and Factions Aqua!

Factions Silver will be reset (as long as there is no issues found last second) Friday the 23rd of December.
Factions Aqua will be reset (hopefully, Napkin is currently waiting on a build) Saturday the 24th.

What WILL be reset
- The server map
- Players balance, inventories, homes, enderchest and pv contents
- mcMMO points
- Faction Data
- MobCoin balance

- You will NOT lose your rank(s) that you have purchased or won from crate keys.
- Crate key balances will NOT reset
- Tags will NOT reset
- Any extra won / purchased permissions will NOT be lost

Factions Silver reset details are as follows:

- 1.7 > 1.10 Support
- New Stacked Mobs system with better performance
- 30 Power per/player - 30 power upon login.
- 50 Members maximum per/faction
- Removal of Spawner tier system
- F top fix for IGs and other spawners
- Updated Enchantments
- Faction Raid Points
- 1 Ally...
by Curtis at 12:42 AM
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Today I am extremely happy to announce that we are releasing a BRAND NEW Crate key to our family of Crate Keys!

This key is called the "Mega" key. The Mega key will be released on Saturday the 17th of December!

The key will be added to all servers early morning and will be released on the store in the morning. I am also happy to let you guys in on a little leak that tomorrow the 8th day of Christmas giveaway will be 3 Mega Keys and a $50 rank. So make sure you've got our Tweet notifications on to be in with a chance to win!

Let's get right into the key. The key will be priced at ONLY $20. All winnings from the key will be announced in chat, here is an example of the chat message:

We are also introducing the long awaited Paper rewards for ranks! But they are exclusive to the Mega key! So if you happen to win a rank and already have it, you can share it with a friend!

Here is a list of the possible winnings in the Mega Key:

Goliath Rank (Paper Reward)...