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Greetings Archon

This friday at 7PM EST, Factions Amber releases. With new updates, improvements, and many plans to make it a very active server, we hope you players come on and give it a chance. With a $2500 F Top prize and a return to OG Factions, with the likes of the original Cyan and Green, this server combines new updates with the old aspect of factions that many older Archon players like.

To celebrate this new release and also for the future of TheArchon, this weekend, between Friday and Monday, EVERYTHING ON THE STORE will have a 15% off Sale - Purchase Ranks, Tags, Keys & more here!

Let's get right into this new season of factions, with server owned by BenMascott and recorded on by many of TheArchon's other YouTubers.

Ranks will be added in by the end of today onto the store for Amber.

25 Man Factions
3 Allies
Improved Factions plugin

Cannon only Overworld
Wither End
Default World Generation

Re-addition of the Warlord Kit
Re-addition of Heads

New Spawner System

Return of OG Cyan spawn
Return of OG Green shop

No God Apple Cooldown
No access to fix hand
Protection 4 Unbreaking 3 Cap

Sharpness 5 Cap

Other Details
No Custom Enchants
Thanks to @Brock for the beautiful banner he made. ​

Hey Archon!
We are looking for experienced and creative builders to join TheArchon's build team. With new resets, updates, introductions, and more, we'd like to open the possibility for players on TheArchon to help out create maps and spawns for respective servers. We offer our builders free donator ranks and store items depending on activity.

Depending on the amount of projects that a builder decides to go through with, credit will be given which can be spent on donator ranks, crate keys, and anything else on the webstore. All builders who go through the trial stage, will also receive a [Builder] rank which will show on /list and ingame on servers.

How to Apply!
Please navigate to the "Builder Applications" section and post a thread with the following format. Failure to post with the format will mean a deny and all applications will be reviewed carefully. Faking proof and experience will mean a permanent deny and no chance to apply again.

In game name
Your Age
Discord ID:
Experience with building:
servers you have built for etc. DO NOT say "builder on 39 servers". You must provide proof
Amount of time you can dedicate toward building:
general schedule
Previous build teams and positions:
provide proof
Previous builds:
upload in album, at least 3 pictures of each build, proof that you built said build - mid build pictures, etc...

Black reset is coming up in just a short amount of time. I am in the middle of finishing it all off now. I forgot to mention the following for the Black & Royal reset:

25 Maximum Faction Members
2 Allies
2 Truces
50 Player Power
20 day Alt kick
Duels WILL be added

Now, onto what this thread is about.. UPDATES!

We have been getting ALOT of requests of changes to certain things such as one hitting blazes and adding a new enchantment for harvesting crops.

Upon the next restart of Faction Amethyst I will be releasing TWO brand new Enchantments! They are both inside the "Legendary" tier.

Harvest - Legendary
Applies to Hoes only (Kappa)

Upon breaking Sugar Cane using a hoe the sugarcane will instantly go into your inventory rather than dropping on the floor. If your inventory is full it will then continue to drop on the floor.

Assassin - Legendary
Applies to Swords only

Alot of users are requesting away to grind Blazes faster. So we have decided to implement an Enchantment that will increase the amount of damage that you can do to Blazes.

With this, we have also decided to make a modification to our AuctionHouse system and have since implemented a section for the Enchantment Rune.

We have a nice roadmap of updates that we're discussing and planning to release throughout the coming weeks with the resets due.

There will be a huge announcement next week, you won't want to miss it.

Have a great weekend and I hope to see you on TheArchon!



Today I am going to be announcing two resets to TheArchon. The servers have been pending a reset for quite awhile now as we're all aware the resets in December didn't exactly go to well. So today I am happy to announce that we begin our resets with Factions Black and Factions Royal!

Factions Black will reset Friday at around 5pm EST.

Factions Royal will reset Saturday at around 7pm GMT (UK time).

As promised in previous posts this chain of resets comes with a bunch of improvements. Optimisations, new Faction system & more!

One of the major announcements is that we will be doing a prize for Factions Top on ALL servers.

We will be doing Buycraft F top for all Faction Servers. Factions Amethyst has Cash Prize along with Buycraft prize!

The prize of F top will be as follows:

1st - $500 - Buycraft Voucher
2nd - $250 - Buycraft Voucher
3rd - $100 - Buycraft Voucher

The system is the same as Amethyst. We will be giving the voucher to the leader of the Faction once we take the snapchat of the f top leaderboards when the maps are coming close to planned resets.

With that, we are also bringing some fresh new changes to the servers.

- New Factions Plugin - Same as Amethyst.
There will be NO Faction Missions. But it will include f perms, f warps, f chest etc.

- Brand new KoTH System

- Envoy System

- Gen Buckets

- Mob Drops

We will also be adding Custom Enchantments again to the servers with the following Enchantments:

Blast, Obsidian Destroyer, Fish & Feast.

The following will NOT reset:

- Ranks
- Tags
- Crate key balances
- extra kits
- extra perks

The following WILL reset:

- Map contents
- All sethomes, balances & inventories
- Factions data
- chest, PV & enderchest data

We look forward to bringing you the new revamped version of TheArchon. We have been working hard on improving the quality of our servers.

I look forward to seeing you on Friday &...

It's with regret that I have to announce that today TheArchon has had to part way with two of our longest staff members:

Snixerz & iZeroLogic.

We have a message from Snixerz:

We've had a great three years with The Archon. We love and appreciate every last one of you. I remember first entering The Archon 3 years ago - she was still the tiny little thing that I grew to openly love. Being apart of the staff team was a great opportunity. Never did I think I would become admin ! We def had a great time to beginning to end and it's time to move on. I thank you the community for being everything that The Archon is and also giving us the opportunity to be there for you guys when we could be. I personally would like to give a big Thank you to Coby and Rusher ! For entrusting me with a special position on the The Archon . The Dev Team for all they they do and build ! It was incredibly to watch these past couple of years. You won't see them often but trust me , they were def the pillars to The Archon. From My Little family to you guys , Thank you :) ! So - y'all can stop calling me mom now iight ?

And one from iZeroLogic
It was great being part of TheArchon. To be honest, this was our very first server that Snix and I played when we first started playing Minecraft online. We started from the bottom as players, donated some here and there, then we decided to be part of the staff team when we met with Dfield in Faction Blue. But it's about time that we retire our position.

Coby and Rusher, much love and thanks to you guys for giving us this opportunity to be part of the Admin Team. It's been a long time, but we will see you guys again on your next meet-ups xD. The rest of the Admin Team, take care guys it was fun working with you all.

Lastly our Staff Team, it was great getting to know alot of you guys, We will stay in touch and probably play some games on the side. You guys keep on excelling and helping out...

First, I really need a better way to start a post.. "Hey" is so basic, taking suggestions!

Anyway, I am going to be discussing the situation on the current Potion issues, additional Mob Drops and more!

But I think I would like to thank every single person who has joined and supported the release of Faction Amethyst. It is currently looking to be the biggest season ever in terms of connections & active players. We have put alot of time into this and don't think we're done yet.

As a little thank you we have extended our sale until Friday! So you can get 15% of Amethyst Ranks & Crate Keys on ALL servers until Friday! Get them at

Potions / Eating:

When we released Amethyst we had intended to make the season Potion PvP with a God Apple cooldown. We are still going to stick by this, but we are fully aware of the current issues with Potions not drinking properly, God Apples not being eaten correcting and Splash Potions being completely off. We have been deploying small updates and tests to the potions through out the weekend and still doing so until we find the suitable fix. So bare with us, we're aware and I promise you that we're working on fixing this issue as obviously it's a major part of the new season and the current servers so we have to make it perfect. The issue is not related to lag, Amethyst runs at around 20TPS at most times, it does drop. It's not perfect. We are working on the TPS drops too.

Mob Drops:

We have developed a new plugin to allow us to modify the drops of mobs. This will be released to Amethyst on Friday but will be also released to all current servers on their resets. I will list what mobs drop blow, so make sure to check it out! Please note that the drops are not everytime a mob drops. They are a small chance that way it is not super overpowered.

- 1 TNT

- 1 Emerald

Zombie Pigman:
- 1 IronIngot

- 1 Enderpearl
- 1 Fire Resistance...

Today I am going to be announcing the brand new Ultimate key that is going to be released along with a brand new hub system we've been developing. Oh, did I forget to mention a juicy exclusive 15% sale for Amethyst?

That's right. We are doing an EXCLUSIVE 15% sale on our store. The sale ONLY applies to ranks on Factions Amethyst along with Crate Keys. The Sale will last until Monday when Amethyst is open to the public. - Take advantage of this sale while you can!

I will get straight into this post and talk about the new Ultimate Key version. The new version has been due for around 2 weeks now but we delayed it to simply work on the brand new season and focus elsewhere. We are now able to announce the new key, the winnings and when it'll be live. Here are the possible winnings you can get!

  • Crate Key
  • $350 Rank
  • $175 Rank
  • 3 Mega Keys
  • Access to /fly
  • Access to sell hand & sell inventory
  • Jelly Legs
  • $3,000,000
  • Access to Kit Miner
  • Fix Hand
  • TNTCraft
  • TNTFill

  • None Chat Wins:

  • 3 Creeper Spawners
  • Special Kit (One time)
  • Miner Kit (One time)
  • $850,000
  • 5 Witch Spawners
  • 5 Blaze Spawners
  • $350,000
  • 150 XP Levels

This key will be instantly released on Factions Amethyst tonight. I will be deploying the release for all servers this weekend, but if you purchase Ultimate keys on the store, you can save them for when the new version is released!

Now, onto something many have seen in a preview and many are excited about! A brand new fresh, improved and requested Hub! Many "OG" players may remember this Hub, but we are delighted to bring back the "OG" Hub of TheArchon, many may remember when there was a video of a Factions War on this Hub! Anyway, let's get into it!

We have been developing what we like to call TheArchon v3. This has been something that we have been putting...
Surprise! You thought this was coming on Wednesday! ;)

Today we will be announcing the largest season that TheArchon has EVER seen. We have been developing this new season along with other features for our other Faction servers, you'll find out about those soon! The new season of Factions is called "Factions Amethyst"

Let's get right into this action packed announcement. I will start off by simply announcing the date and time along with information on the closed "beta" days!

Season 11 of Factions will start on Friday, 10th of February at around 4:30 EST. (Time is just an ETA. Could be delayed)

The server will not have a "Beta" fee. Donator ranks will have the ability to play on Faction Amethyst on Friday until Monday.

This means people with Donator ranks which will be avaliable on our store tomorrow (Wednesday) and you will be able to play for 2 whole days. So why not grab yourself a rank from our store and get a head start on that lovely cash prize! - Purchase Ranks, Tags, Keys & more here!

Now onto a small rundown of what is being added to the new season. More information on the features will be below if you want a more in depth sight!

- New Cannon, Base & Chunk Rules

We highly recommend you read the link above as failure to comply can lead to a Faction disband/unclaim.

- Factions Top Prizes
- 1st: $1000 PayPal
- 2nd: $500 PayPal
- 3rd $500 Buycraft Gift Card
- 4th $250 Buycraft Gift Card

- Improved Factions Plugin
- Added /f perms
- Added /f access
- Added /f promote
- Added /f warp
- More Faction ranks added
- More claim options added
- Better f top system
- Hover over Factions value to see their spawner worth
- Hover of the "Total server value" to find out when f top was last updated
- Many...

I have been reviewing the way our network is run and have decided that we need to start cutting servers from our network for quite obvious reasons. We have too many servers compared to our player count and it has become a community request that we start to cut down on servers. I agree with this and have for quite some time.

So today I am announcing that on the 1st of February Factions Green will be closed down. People will be allowed to transfer their ranks, special kits, fly etc to any server on TheArchon network (You will NOT be able to transfer to the new season when released).

Green has been known as one of the 'OG' servers and it really is a shame to announce that this is what we have to do, but as request from the Green community, we feel this is the best for the network.

Hydra will be making an announcement later today about a new server we're going to be releasing (Not Factions or Mini-Games). This new server will help make things more enjoyable and allow for the staff to host more events for the community!



As some of you may know, voting was recently readded onto TheArchon.
Voting helps the server increase its slot position on a voting site, therefore attracting more players.

There are currently three vote links.
These can be found below or simply by doing /vote ingame.
Vote rewards will come through even if you are not online.
Once a player votes, their vote is added to their vote balance.
You can claim your vote by doing /claim to receive your rewards.

How to vote:
1. Choose a site from below
2. Put your Minecraft IGN into the box shown
3. Finish the Captcha
4. Click vote!

Vote Link #1
Vote Link #2
Vote Link #3

Every vote done rewards a player with :
[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
$2,250 IGM - 16x TNT - 16x Obsidian - 16x XP Bottles

Along with these guaranteed rewards, there is also a chance of receiving others like :​

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
$15,000 - Protection 4 Set - 50 XP Bottles - Sharp 5 Fire 2 Sword

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
Special Kit - Normal Crate Key - Golden Crate Key​