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How do I get a free rank?

TheArchon is partnered with many YouTubers, check out their videos and you'll find a code to use on the store.

How do I apply for Staff or Helper?

You can apply for different roles by going to The Archon Discord and typing '-ticket'. The bot will then send you a private message and you can choose number 7 and then select which role you'd like to apply for. Make sure to check #roles-and-applications to see if role you'd like to apply for is available.

How do I use my voting rewards?

You get 1 credit each time you vote, you can spend these credits in '/rewards'.


How can I make a ticket or report someone on Discord?

Click the reaction to the bots message in #support and make sure your DMs are open so that TheArchon Bot can message you. Answer the questions the bot gives you in as much detail as you can.

1. Log onto TheArchon and join any realm.

2. Type '/link' in the chat and write down the pass phrase it shows you (DON'T share this with ANYONE).

3. Go to TheArchon Discord and type '-link' in any channel.

4. Open your DMs from TheArchon Bot and enter your pass phrase in the DM CHAT.

5. When above steps are done, your account is linked. You can always synchronise your account by typing /sync in Minecraft.

How do I disable notifications for a certain gamemode?

Go to #notification-settings in TheArchon Discord and click on any reaction corresponding to the gamemode which you don't want to get notifications from.

How can I claim the Discord rewards?

Make sure your account is linked and type anything in #rewards. This can only be done once every 24h!


What's the best way to make money?

The economy changes every map, check out #releases-and-resets or visit the release logs HERE.

How do I create a faction?

Type '/f create (faction name)' in chat.

How do I get away from spawn?

Type '/wild' in chat and it will teleport you to a random location.

How do I claim land?

You can claim land for your faction by typing '/f claim (radius)' in chat.

How do I go to The End?

For Ruby and Onyx purchase end portal frame blocks from '/shop' and build an end portal similar to the ones that are naturally generated. For Amber type '/mycelium' and purchase the upgrades and then claim the portal block.

How do I get out The End?

Head to the north west corner, the opposite corner from where you entered, and you will find a portal that will teleport you to the normal PvP warp.

How do I store more TNT in '/f tnt balance'?

You can upgrade the maximum capacity in '/f upgrades'.

What is grace period?

The grace period is a time frame where factions cannot raid each other and tnt is disabled. The time frame differs every season. You can view how much longer the server will be in grace via the '/grace' command.

Where do I go fishing?

Type '/lake' in chat and it will take you to a lake where you can fish.

How do I claim and unclaim a spawnerchunk?

Type '/f spawnerchunk' in chat while in the chunk you want claimed, retype the command in the same chunk to unclaim it.

How do I see my claimed spawner chunks?

Type '/f spawnerchunklist' in chat and it will provide a list of the claimed chunks and locations.

How do I get power shop items?

Type '/pshop' in chat and complete the requirements to then claim the item.

When does the map end?

Type '/mapend' in chat.

What is a buffer?

A buffer is the number of claims you are allowed to claim around your base to build your walls and other defences in (Check rule document for legal defences). The buffer size can change depending on the map so make sure you read the release post.

How do I despawn the sandy bot?

Type '/sandy' in chat and click on the option to destroy it.

How do I redeem my FFA rewards?

To redeem your FFA reward type '/ffa rewards' in chat.

How do I get a rank if they are not in the shop?

You can get ranks from Dungeons or by typing '/mobcoin shop' in chat. Dungeons can be found on our store.

How do I get into a Dungeon?

Dungeons are accessible by going to the dungeon world, type '/dungeon', and go to the coordinates posted in the chat.

I cannot join a realm, it says I am IP limited, what do I do?

Create a ticket on TheArchon Discord by typing '-ticket' in #support and an admin will help you.


What commands can I use?

Click here to see all the commands you can use!

What's the best way for a new player to get started?

One of the best ways for a new player to get a good start on Skyblock, is chopping wood at '/forest'. Whilst woodcutting, there is a chance for you to gain powerful items including Custom Trees. You can plant and harvest these trees on your island for a nice cash reward, with high tiered trees being given the higher your woodcutting level is.

How can I play with my friends on my island?

You can invite your friends to your island using the '/is invite' command, If you run into the island member limit you will need to purchase a rank to be able to invite the rest of your friends, you can find out what perks you get from the ranks using '/rank'.

How do I make it so other people can visit my island?

You will need to create an '/is warp' and change your '/is flags' so other people can interact with your island such as killing mobs. Pay attention when setting up your '/is flags' otherwise people might be able to grief your island.

What are Mobcoins/Tokens and what do I do with them?

Mobcoins and Tokens are a special currency gained from killing mobs spawned from spawners, on Chaos you can farm crops to gain tokens. A list of Mobcoin and Token drops can be found at spawn. Using '/mobshop' and '/token shop' you can access the Mobcoin shop where you can gain a variety of powerful items. You can either access the regular Mobcoin shop, containing items which will always be there or the limited time Mobcoin which rotates every so often and can include things such as gkits and robots!

How do I get a robot and how do I use it?

Robots can be gained from opening crate keys (which can be found at /warp crates), purchased directly from the store at shop.thearchon.net, or in-game in the Limited Time '/Mobshop' and '/Token shop'. Right-click your Robot spawn egg to place it on your island, then left-click it to bring up the menu.

What do robots do?

Your Robots can do many things. These include: mine at your cobblestone generator, load chunks, activate spawners and kill mobs.

What are pets?

Pets are NPCs that follow you around which will give you boosts.

How do I get pets?

Pets can be obtained by using /pets and clicking the petting zoo option, here you can see what each pet does and how much it costs to purchase them, left click on the pet you want and it will be transfered to your inventory for personal use.

Is autoclicking allowed?

No, autoclicking is a form of cheating and is therefore not allowed on our server. You can view our full list of rules by typing '/rules' in-game or click here.

Can I AFK mine at my cobblestone generator?

You can AFK mine at your cobblestone generator if you use the common F11 glitch. Any other method is prohibited and will result in a punishment. You can view our full list of rules by typing '/rules' in-game or click here.

I won a disguise from a crate, how do I use it?

You can access your disguises by using '/d [mob]'. If you're not sure on what disguises you own you can type '/d list' and if you want to go back to normal, just type '/ud'.

I won credits but I don't seem them in /rewards?

There are two types of credits, McMMO credits that you can use in '/redeem' to level your skills and '/rewards' credits which you can obtain from voting, linking your discord or winning weekly server events. If you can't use credits that you obtained in the '/rewards' menu, those most likely were McMMO '/redeem' credits.

Will I lose everything on reset?

Resets occur to keep the servers economy fresh and provide a fair chance for everyone, new or old, to compete. Everything will be lost on reset apart from /kits you have access to, perks, ranks and items in your '/claim'.

How do I consistently make money when I'm more familiar with the game?

There are a few good ways to start making proper money on skyblock once you've got your grips with the gamemode, a good way for starters is a sugarcane farm, sugarcane sells for quite a lot and is very easy to grow and efficient to farm. You can also visit public grinders which will be advertised in chat and then selling once your inventory is full for a good boost as well as earning xp & mobcoins along the way!

What is the adventure world?

Adventure is a survival multi-player like world where you can complete challenges in order to earn high tier rewards. This can be a very effective way to start out as you can gain a big boost by doing simple challenges. To get there type '/adventure' in chat.

What is a machine?

The Machine is a powerful machine that can craft rare items which can be sold in the '/shop' to get a lot of money as well as common items like gold blocks.

What is a chunk hopper?

A Chunk hopper is a hopper that collects all the items that are on it's filter list in the chunk it's placed in. You can type '/seechunks' to see the chunk borders of the chunk that you stand in.

Why can I not apply anymore enchants to my item?

There is a limit of 5 enchantments including custom and normal Minecraft enchants that you can put on your item.

Is there a Battlepass?

You can access the Battlepass by using /pass in chat, and win powerful and hard to obtain items. The free pass still contains powerful items but the premium pass will give you a big boost.

How do I get to KOTH?

You can go to the KOTH by typing '/pvp' in chat. A scoreboard will pop up on the right side of your screen with the coordinates for the KOTH.

How do I use mcmmo credits?

Type '/redeem' in chat and click on the desired skill you wish to add credits to.

My Island member took spawners/items from my island. Can I get them back?

You can! You can make a ticket in #support in TheArchon Official Discord Server and select that you want to report an inside. A inside is where an Island member takes items from an island without the owners permission.

Why can't I claim the rewards from the challenge even if I finished it?

You need to check the progress of your head, if you haven't contributed enough you wont receive any rewards. The community has to hit the goal for the '/challenge' as well.

How do I get island value?

You can get Island Value by placing down Value Blocks, Spawners and Infinity Chests. Value blocks are Ore blocks. You can use '/value' to look at the different ones. They count on your island when you place them down or put them in an infinity chest.


What's the best way for a new player to make money?

The best way for a new player to make money would be to start upgrading your Tokenscan enchantment. This makes it much easier to find tokens which are a very valuable resource on Azkaban. After this, work on upgrading your fortune enchant.

How do I get to my mine?

You can travel to your current mine by typing '/mine' in chat.

Why is my texture pack not working?

If the texture pack isn't working first go to your minecraft server list, single-click The Archon so it's highlighted, click edit and turn server resource packs to enabled. If you're still unable to get it to work, try using the default minecraft launcher.

Why are my custom enchants not working?

If you can't see a difference in your pickaxe after applying enchants, the level may be too low. Most enchants don't start to show a difference until around 1000 apart from ones such as efficiency. If your pickaxe enchant is a very high level and still isn't making a different, make a ticket by going to The Archon discord and typing '-ticket'.

What is Freeworld?

Freeworld is a survival multi-player like world where you can complete challenges in order to earn high tier rewards. This can be a very effective way to start out as you can gain a big boost by doing simple challenges. You can travel there by typing '/fw'.

How do I upgrade my pickaxe?

Your pickaxe can be upgraded by going to '/tokenshop'. From there you're able to spend tokens for a variety of different enchantments which will make your pickaxe a lot better.

How do I sell my inventory?

At the entrance of every mine, there will be an NPC labelled 'click to sell'. Right clicking on it will sell all the blocks you've just mined automatically and you'll receive the money in your account.

How can I merge pets?

You can merge two of the same type and level pets by using the pet ranch. You can get ranches from '/kit daily'. Ranches are located on your plot, you can also access them through the '/ranch' command.

How do I get custom enchants?

Type '/ce' in chat, click on the gold ingot, and click on the book that corresponds with the enchant Tier that you want.

How can I get experience enchants?

Type '/ts' in chat, click on 'Enchantments', and unlock the Tier 3 Enchantment. You will need 275 Tokens.

How do I increase my pet's tameness?

In order to increase your pet's tameness the pet must be spawned in. Its tameness will increase as you mine.

What are candies?

Candies give certain buffs that help you in PvP, Mining, and Fishing! You get them by making a farm. For the farm you need some light, water, and hoe some dirt. To get seeds do /expshop to buy them with exp or /tokenshop to buy them with tokens.

What are festivals?

There are two festivals Mining Madness and Fishing Festival. At the end of the festivals you receive a crate for mining the most blocks or fishing the most fish. To see when these festivals start do /festival.

What are skills?

Skills are custom perks and bonuses that are able to be purchased through the Skill Point Shop. You gain experience when you complete certain tasks like mining blocks, selling to NPCs, buying enchants from /tokenshop, and withdrawing from pet ranches!

How do I get pets and what do they do?

The best way to get pets are in /freeworld. To capture these pets use /fwspawn and visit the "Collector" to buy a net. After you buy a net venture through the freeworld to find pets to catch with your net! Once you capture these pets return to the "Collector" NPC and hit "Pet Incubator". With pets you can either place them in your ranch for a consistent reward every hour or spawn them for a buff to help you. For more information type /pets in-game.

How do I open crate keys?

You can open crate keys at the crates area (you can go there by typing /crates). Crate keys can be obtained through mining, as well as doing challenges in FreeWorld or by competing in events such as FFA.


What commands can I use?

Click here to see all the commands you can use!

What are Thieves used for?

Thieves are static NPCs that automatically steal items for you from the current store you are in.

How do I get a thief?

You can get them from '/eshop' for 75 Million EXP, '/rewards', '/drops', quests that are located in stores, boss/casino/epic/legendary/rare/thief crates. There is also a free thief which you can get by completing the quest from the Thief NPC. This NPC is located in front of the jail.

How do I spawn a thief?

Make sure you are on your own hideout. Type '/gm' in chat, click on the thief you want to spawn, click on the bed in the GUI, click on the End Crystal in the GUI (this can be a stone block, depending on your version).

How do I apply a outfit to a thief?

Type '/gm' in chat, click on the thief you want to give the outfit to, click on the armor stand, click on any skin that you want for that thief.

How many thieves can I have?

Member Rank: 3

Thug Rank: 4

Thief Rank: 5

Criminal Rank: 7

Mafioso Rank: 8

Kingpin Rank: 10

Crimelord Rank: 12

Boss Rank: 15

What are skill points and how do I get them?

Skill Points are a currency that is used to upgrade the skills of your thief. You can get Skill Points by: stealing, quests, rewards, crates and holding Outpost.

How do I use my skill points to upgrade my thief?

Type '/gm' in chat, click on the thief you want to upgrade, click on the skill you want to upgrade.

What are hideout levels and how do I get them?

Hideout levels are used as a ranking system between hideouts so they can compete with each other. Every 1$ you steal and deliver to the Black Market NPC equals to 1 Hideout Level.

What are Ability Points and how do I get them?

Ability Points are a currency that is used to upgrade your own personal abilities. Every item you steal from the current store you are in, will give you 1 Ability Point.

How do I use Ability Points?

You can spend your Ability Points by typing '/ab' in chat and clicking on any ability that you want to upgrade. Or you can spend them in the Ability Shop by typing ‘/ashop'

What is the Contaminated City?

The Contaminated City is a place where you can steal higher priced items, just like in the normal towns. Beware though, because PvP is enabled in the City and you can die of contamination!

How do I enter the Contaminated City?

There is a ‘City Warp’ NPC located in the mall. You can click on him to get teleported to the Contaminated City.

How do I exit the Contaminated City?

You can exit the Contaminated City by going to any of the ‘City Exit’ NPCs that are located at the edges of the City. Any method to exit the City other than those NPCs will result in a loss of items you’ve stolen.

How do I sell the loot that I got from the Contaminated City?

You’ll have to go to a Black Market NPC and sell your loot there. There is one located right next to you when you exit the Contaminated City.

What are Civilians?

Civilians are NPCs that roam around the Contaminated City. They can be killed with your sword to get a reward from them. You only get those rewards if you use any of the ‘City Exit’ NPCs that are located at the edges of the City.

How do I upgrade my tools in the Contaminated City?

Your glove is the same glove you use in the towns, so that would go through the ‘Glove Trader’ NPC in the mall. Your sword and armor can be upgraded at the ‘Gear Shop’ NPC that is also located in the mall.

How many quests can I do per day?

You can do 2 Radiant Quests per day.

How can I pickpocket players?

Select your glove, go stand behind a player and click on their back to start pickpocketing them! Be aware that if they turn around and see you, you’ll be sent straight to jail!

How can I get the Resource Pack to work?

Make sure you’re in a Minecraft version ranging from 1.8.9 to 1.12.2.

Add TheArchon to your server list, and make sure Resource Packs are enabled (click TheArchon once and click on Edit Server on the bottom of your screen. There is an option to enable or disable Resource Packs)

If it doesn’t work when logging on, you might have to restart your Minecraft Client.

How can I get back to the town when I'm on my Hideout?

You can type '/spawn' to get back to the town, or you can use '/level' if you have the Kingpin Rank!


How do I make a clan?

You can create a clan by typing '/clan create' in chat.

How do I use season points?

You can spend your season points in the season shop, '/season'. You obtain these points by being online on the server.

How do I get a research table?

You can obtain a research table from the store, store.thearchon.net , from supply drops and barrels. You can also use one in the Middle Biome at the center of the map.

What can I do with a research table?

You can use your level points in the research table to research recipes.

What can I do with a recycler?

You can transform your unwanted recipes into better ones.

I'm stuck in a hole, what do I do?

You can get out by teleporting to a teammate with '/tpa' or doing '/respawn'.

How do I invite someone to my toolcupboard?

Right click your toolcupboard, click on the green glass panel and type their IGN in chat.

How do I break blocks inside my toolcupboard?

Type '/erase' in chat and break the blocks.

I've lost my toolcupboard, what do I do?

Type '/cupboard' in chat and it will give you the coordinates of your TC.

Why are my vehicles not working?

You have to be in a minecraft version before 1.16.


How do I create a claim?

Start by creating or joining a Team via /teams. After that deposit your personal ClaimBlocks (See scoreboard) into the team balance. Then go to Claim Management and select the name tag to create a claim. Now select the 2 corners of the area you want to claim. Now give your claim a name and you're done!

What are Custom Monuments?

Custom monuments are like vanilla structures and they contain loot chests. These chests contain vanilla items and may include custom loot. You can find monuments in /resourceworld.

What are Jobs?

Jobs will be your main income while playing on the Survival realm. Pick a job by doing  /job browse. Now you'll start earning passive income while doing basic things like mining, woodcutting, farming, killing mobs.

Why are my Animals / Mobs despawning?

We still have a clear lag on our Survival realm. You can use a nametag (which can be found in crates or '/pass') to tag your mobs/animals so they don't despawn.

What are Skydrops?

They are chests that spawn around the whole world a couple times a day which you have to mine to get the drops from it. When they spawn a message will pop up in chat with the coordinates to it. You can also use '/skydrops' to see where the current skydrops are.

Why haven't I gotten rewards from the challenge?

To get the rewards from '/challenge' the entire challenge has to be completed and you have to have completed the individual requirement yourself. You also cannot contribute more than the individual requirement.

Where do I sell my items?

On Survival there are not many places where you can sell items. The economy is player based, which means that you can sell items via '/ah' to other players. However, there are a few basic markets at spawn.

What is the Resourceworld?

The resource world is a world separate from the overworld where players can gather resources and explore. The world resets daily and also includes custom structures. You can teleport to the resourceworld by using /resourceworld, please note that PvP is enabled here.

What are missions?

Missions are 3 daily challenges that you can complete, these challenges can include block breaking, item crafting, mob killing and more. You can find your daily missions by using /mission.

What are competitions?

Competitions are a server-wide event that starts every 2,5 hours and lasts for 20 minutes, during this event players will compete in a certain challenge. Top players will receive rewards after the event has ended. You can open the competitions menu with /competition.

What are tributes?

Tributes are earned by competing in competitions, they can be spent in the Tributes Shop which can be found in /competition.

What is the Shady Dealer?

The Shady Dealer is an NPC only available a few times in the week, it uses a custom currency called Shady Shards, these can be earned from completing missions, competitions and skydrops. Use /warp shadydealer to visit the Shady Dealer.

What are gems?

Answer: Gems are a unique currency used for the Gemshop. The Gemshop includes monthly tags, wing patterns, furniture and custom hats. Please note that you will need to enable the server resourcepack in order to see furniture or hats. The gemshop can be found at /warp gemshop.

Is Keep Inventory on?

No IF/When you die in this realm your items are dropped and will Despawn after while or during a clear.

How often are map resets or season lengths??

Most seasons are on a 4/8 month cycle unless Delayed. Resets are announced in discord and Staff are NOT aware of when or What the Reset Details are.

What are Claim Blocks?

CB’s or ClaimBlocks are Protections you can use to prevent being attacked or griefed in your builds. These also can be earned in many ways which include: missions, keycrates, loot boxes, and Pouches.

How to use Claim Blocks?

Best to use the ingame command /howtoclaim to best understand how to use and make team claims of the use of Claimblocks. (Pro tip: use a “Golden Shovel”  to make Fast and EZ claims for your team.)

Is there PvP enabled?

yes, but in certain areas to help prevent tp traps or abusive nature using claims. You can do many things to engage in pvp. Firstly you can setup duels “/duel”. other freestyle type of pvp are allowed in “/warp pvp” (elytras not allowed in arena) and also in the “/resourceworld”.

What is the best way to make money?

Most players make money with the use of many things. Everything essentially makes you money but it best to join a job with “/jobs browse” and pick a job with better ranks you can join many at a time. Otherwise doing daily missions and opening crates/pouches generate a lot of money. Other things players can use to make money is through trading “/trade playername” and the use of “/ah” which is the servers player market to sell things. Lastly you can make a playershop after you have made a Team>Claim>Shop Sign>Player Warp

How do you make a sell chest?

In a Claim place a chest where you want to sell items, then place a sign on the chest and type “[shop]” on the top of the sign. Then follow the questions in chat and type your answers there to setup the shop. If you make a mistake or want to make changes to that chest shop simply break the sign and start over the process.