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Factions: Amber Reset

Greetings everyone, the newest season of Factions Amber is here!

Realm Information

The next Amber map will release on Saturday October 9th @ 3:00 PM EST / 7:00 AM AEST / 8:00 PM BST.

The map will last multiple weeks which means there will be a payout which will be issued every Friday @ 5PM EST until a payout week is announced as the final payout week.

  • Multiple week long map - 3 days of grace & multiple weeks of TNT
  • 10 man factions
  • 3 second cannons
  • 20 Chunk Buffers
  • Faction Shields last 14 hours
  • 450 Power per player
  • Unlimited Roster Size, unlimited kicks per day, max of unlimited at one time
  • Raiding Outpost will open when the first Raid Event of the map has ended.
  • Setting/changing your Faction Shields will come with with additional restrictions on Tuesday @ 3:10AM EST
  • Mining Spawner costs change from being free to costing 60% of their shop price on Tuesday @ 3:10AM EST
  • Faction Shields are disabled from 12PM-5PM EST on Payout Days
  • 8 grinding areas of 18 Silverfish Spawners in the Mycelium World (Reached & Exited via an End Portal)
  • Account Sharing allowed
  • No regens allowed
  • Sugarcane, Fishing, Mycelium, Woodcutting, Mining & Spawner economy
  • The economy sheet can be found here
  • Loads of Custom Enchants
  • Bow boosting disabled
  • $400 Weekly F-Top - $200 Paypal & $200 Buycraft
  • 9 custom worlds along with the Overworld with a border of 2500 x 2500 giving 40 corners – These can be reached with the warp names: End, Nether, Redworld, Greyworld, ClayWorld, SunWorld, DarkWorld, CherryWorld & CrystalWorld
  • During grace, TNT & Creeper Eggs will be disabled
  • During the first 30 minutes of the map, Faction Fly will be disabled

Faction-Top Payouts

As usual, the first 3 days of grace period will have no payout. Here are the prizes for the payout placings every week on Friday at 5pm EST:

  • First Place: $125 Paypal & $75 Buycraft
  • Second Place: $50 Paypal & $50 Buycraft
  • Third Place: $25 Paypal & $25 Buycraft
  • Fourth Place: $25 Buycraft
  • Fifth Place: $25 Buycraft

How do we get our payout if we win?

  1. Set your PayPal email on the server with the command: /paypal [email]
  2. Set your Buycraft email on the server with the command: /giftcard [email]

New Builds

As you know, with a new season comes a brand new spawn! Check it out below:

Mycelium Changes

We will be updating the way that you get into and out of the Mycelium World. Firstly, the portals are being changed from End portals to Nether Portals to match the new Mycelium theme.

The way to create a portal is being changed, so instead of needing to use the Outpost menu, when a portal is unlocked, a portal build will appear for you to use.

Instead of the exit to the Mycelium World always being available, it will constantly switch between being open and closed, so be careful if you wish to enter the area!

Additional Changes

Last but not least, here are a number of miscellaneous changes:

  • We will not allow any type of regen walls in your base buffer as shown on our rule page.
  • We will not be allowing the use of Finnster Walls and/or Anti-Nuke Walls (which includes 45 degree walls) in your base buffer as shown on our rule page.
  • We will not be allowing you to have any Finnster Walls and/or Anti-Nuke Walls (which includes 45 degree walls) and/or Regen walls as protection on cannon boxes as shown on our rule page.
  • We will not be allowing mid-airing as shown on our rule page.
  • The Raid Event and RO bases are being changed to reflect this.
  • Mining will be buffed slightly to make it the main economy option alongside Mycelium and PvP Fishing with Sugarcane, Fishing & Woodcutting all alternative economy options.
  • We will be increasing the cost to mine spawners after they change from being free during the majority of grace from 40% to 60% of the shop price of the spawner.
  • We will be removing the Faction Missions increasing your faction power due to them no longer giving an advantage.
  • We will be increasing an item to efficiency 12 instead of efficiency 10 when Infusion is added to an item.
  • Introducing the command /gacd or /gacooldown to allow you to view your God Apple cooldown.
  • Added the command /temp to show you the temporary permissions you have access to and when they will run out.
  • We will be adding a move here option in the Sand Bots menu to help make using Sand Bots more efficient.
  • We will be automatically updating Farmable Chests at an interval to give you an extra hand, just in case you forget to update it manually.
  • We will be adding the commands /f top active and /f ptop active which will show F Top and P Top but only the factions that do not have any type of shield enabled.

We hope you're just as hyped as we are for the exciting upcoming map of Factions Amber! Thank you everyone for a great previous map, see look forward to seeing you all at 3:00 PM EST on Saturday for the Amber reset!

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