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Factions: Amber Reset

Greetings everyone, the newest season of Factions Amber is here!

Realm Information

The next Amber map will release on Saturday December 12th @ 3:00 PM EST / 7:00 AM AEST / 8:00 PM BST

  • 15 day maps – 6 days of grace & 9 days of TNT
  • 20 man factions
  • 3 second cannons
  • 20 Chunk Buffers
  • Faction Shields last 12 hours
  • 175 Power per player
  • 30 Roster Size 2 kick per day, max of 4 at one time
  • F Roster kick limits enabled on Monday @ 3:10AM EST
  • Faction Shields are set on Friday @ 3:10AM EST
  • Mining Spawner costs change from being free to costing 40% of their shop price on Friday @ 3:10AM EST
  • TNT drop rates changed from Grace drop rates (50%) to Raiding drop rates (100%) on Friday @ 3:10AM EST
  • Faction Shields are disabled from 12PM-5PM EST on Payout Days
  • 8 grinding areas of 18 Silverfish Spawners in the Mycelium World (Reached & Exited via an End Portal)
  • Account Sharing Disallowed
  • No Regens
  • Sugarcane, Mycelium & Spawner Economy
  • The ECO sheet can be found here
  • Custom Enchants & Bow boosting enabled.
  • $2,150 F-Top - $1000 Paypal & $1,150 Buycraft
  • 5 custom worlds along with the overworld with a border of 2500 x 2500 giving 24 corners – These can be reached with the warp names: End, Nether, Redworld, Greyworld & ClayWorld
  • During grace, TNT & Creeper Eggs will be disabled
  • During the first 30 minutes of the map, Faction Fly will be disabled

Faction-Top Payouts

As usual, the first 6 days of grace period will have no payout. Here are the prizes for the payout placings:

  • First Place: $700 Paypal & $500 Buycraft
  • Second Place: $200 PayPal & $300 Buycraft
  • Third Place: $100 PayPal & $200 Buycraft
  • Fourth Place: $100 Buycraft
  • Fifth Place: $50 Buycraft

How do we get our payout if we win?

  1. Set your PayPal email on the server with the command: /paypal [email]
  2. Set your Buycraft email on the server with the command: /giftcard [email]

New Spawn

With a new season comes a spooky new spawn! Check it out below:

Lockdown Notify

We will be adding Lockdown Notify to Amber after trialing it on Ruby for 2 seasons.

When a raiding faction begins a Lockdown on your faction, a 4 minute timer will start. Once the 5 minutes is up, the defending faction will be notified that they are being raided. This will allow the raiding faction to potentially cannon through around 11 chunks of your base before the faction who is being raided are aware, thus resulting in wall checking still being vital for base defense.

A Faction permission will be added that allows the faction to choose who controls the settings of this feature using a menu. In this menu there will be an explanation about the feature, as well as an option to turn off the notify when it triggers, an option to change the chat message that is sent, and an option to change how frequently the message is sent in chat. There will also be an option for the faction to turn it off entirely.

Fishing Update

We are introducing a brand new way to fish on Factions!

To get started, you'll need to go to one of the new Lakes using /lakes. There are currently 2 types of lake, The Safe Lake - where you can fish in peace but there will be lower quality fish, and The PvP Lake - where PvP is enabled, but there a higher tiered and better quality fish that you can catch.

How to Fish?

To begin, you'll need to purchase the most basic fishing rod, the Old Rod, from the Fishmonger at the lake to start fishing. You will not be able to use normal fishing rods in the Lake areas.

After you've purchased your custom fishing rod, use it on the lake to begin catching fish! You can upgrade your fishing rod by completing fishing challenge requirements for whichever rod you're currently using. Tasks consist of catching certain types of fish, using particular types of bait and selling a certain amount of fish. You can see what challenges you need to do to upgrade your fishing rod at the Help Menu section at the Fishmonger.

Image from Gyazo

Fishing Rods

There are 5 types of fishing rod that you can upgrade to, the Old Rod, the Novice Rod, the Apprentice Rod, the Sturdy Rod and the Mega rod. The higher the level of rod, the higher the tier of fish you can catch, the lure speed is decreased for speedier catching, and the amount of fish you can catch at once is increased.

Image from Gyazo

Fish and Bait


There are currently 7 different types of fish that you can catch in the Lakes. Abundant fish being the lowest tier, and Mythic the highest tier. You can view the types of fish all of their relevant information at the Fishmonger in the Help Menu.

Abundant Fish - Herring, Krill, Tuna
Normal Fish - Trout, Salmon
Scarce Fish - Sturgeon, Swordfish
Mythic Fish - Shark

As you go up the tiers of fish, the average weight of the fish will be increased as well as how much you can sell it for at the Fishmonger. When you sell your fish, you'll be given money in return.

The quality of the fish also contributes to how much you can sell it for at the Fishmonger, with fish being one of 4 types of quality - Common, Uncommon, Legendary and Epic.


Fishing Bait must be used when catching fish at the Lakes, and you can purchase it directly from the Fishmonger. You'll need a particular type of bait to catch certain fish, with higher tiered bait being needed to catch higher tiered fish.

There are 5 types of bait you can use:

Simple Bait - Herring, Krill, Tuna
Basic Bait - Herring, Krill, Tuna, Trout, Salmon
Advanced Bait - Trout, Salmon, Sturgeon, Swordfish
Pro Bait - Trout, Salmon, Sturgeon, Swordfish, Shark
All-Purpose Bait - Herring, Krill, Tuna, Trout, Salmon, Sturgeon, Swordfish, Shark

Extra Fishing Rewards

Whilst fishing, you may be lucky and find that you'll periodically fish up different types of items instead of just fish! You could fish up any of the following rewards:

  • Money
  • Spawners
  • mcMMO pouches
  • EXP pouches
  • Money pouches
  • Pouch Bundles
  • Crate Keys
  • Limited Tags
  • Lucky Rod
  • Kraken Sword
  • Captain's Hook

Additional Content

  • We will be removing Health Boost in an attempt to balance the damage dealt in PvP.
  • Due to the removal of Health Boost, we will be modifying the custom enchants used in Gkits from the store as well as ones already used in-game, the GodSet kit in Duels, the custom enchant books given out in the Monthly Kit, and the custom enchants in rewards given out during the Raid Event & FvF Event.
  • We will be adding new tags to crates that will be Christmas themed.
  • We will be changing the disguises.
  • Buffed the amount of Deity Keys given out.
  • Buffed the rewards from Boss Keys.
  • Instead of giving out a 1.5x Essence Booster for capturing the Main Outpost during Grace, instead you will receive a 2x Spawner Booster.
  • We will be increasing the TNT depositing into containers radius from 16 blocks to 48 blocks.
  • Instead of swords being used to destroy cobwebs, pickaxes will instead be used to 1 hit destroy them to ensure players don’t accidentally break cobwebs while PvPing.
  • We will be adding /pfocus [name] which will allow you to target a specific player resulting in a color change to the name above that players head. You will be able to target a player personally or target a player as a faction.
  • Each category in the Leaderboards /lb, will have its own hologram at spawn allowing for players to view the important leaderboards easily when at spawn. You will be able to click the hologram to look at different leaderboards within the category.
  • Nether Stars will sell for $3500 instead of $3000 to create a more PvP based ECO for this map.

Thank you everyone for another amazing map, see you all at 3:00 PM EST on Saturday for the Amber reset!

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