Factions: Amber Reset

Factions: Amber Reset

Greetings everyone, the newest season of Factions Amber is here!

Realm Information

The new map of the realm will release on Saturday, December 21st, @ 3:00 PM EST/5:00 AM AEST/8:00 PM BST

Map Details:

  • 25 man factions
  • 30 man Roster - 2 kicks per day, max of 4
  • 4-second cannons
  • F Roster Invites - Enabled Monday @ 3 AM EST
  • Mining cost + f shield are set on Friday @ 3 AM EST
  • 20-day maps - 6 days of grace + 14 days of TNT
  • No Regens
  • Sugarcane Economy
  • Custom Enchants
  • $2,000 F-TOP - $1,000 Paypal, $1,000 Buycraft
  • Overworld Border: 2500 x 2500
  • Nether Border: 2500 x 2500
  • End Border: 2500 x 2500
  • Redworld Border: 2500 x 2500
  • Grey Border: 2500 x 2500
  • Mycelium Border: 250 x 250

Faction-Top Payouts

As usual, the first 6 days of grace period will have no payout. Here are the prizes for the payout placings:

  • First Place: $500 Paypal & $500 Buycraft
  • Second Place: $300 PayPal & $300 Buycraft
  • Third Place: $200 PayPal & $200 Buycraft
  • Fourth Place: $100 Buycraft
  • Fifth Place: $50 Buycraft

Note: FTOP will be paid out once per week that raiding is enabled. The amounts listed above are the total amounts we are giving away to the winners.

How do we get our payout if we win?

  1. Set your PayPal email on the server with the command: /paypal [email]
  2. Set your Buycraft email on the server with the command: /giftcard [email]

New Features

Brand new spawn:



New Koth:



New PvP Arena



New Raid Event

Due to popular request, we have created an automated Raid Event which will be hosted on each individual factions realm. The raid event will be hosted on the following days of the week:

  • Saturday - 4PM EST
  • Sunday - 4PM EST
  • Tuesday - 4PM EST
  • Thursday - 4PM EST
    Note: This event will be hosted on weeks after the grace period is over

The top 4 factions on the realm at the time will be able to compete against one another for the prize. You can learn more and participate at the event by following the /f raid GUI.

When the event begins you can tp to your raidbox using /f raid warp. Make sure you have sufficient power to allow the server to automatically claim the cannon box for you. You will need to construct your cannon and use your own TNT for the event, following our regular cannon rules (unless stated otherwise in the raid event starting message)

Just like a normal raid event, you must race the other factions to breach the base quickly! The first faction to breach wins, and recieves their rewards automatically.

F Roster Changes

We are making some additions to f roster

You will be able to check activity within your roster through /f logs

There will be an f permission for allowing people to modify the roster.

Amber rosters will have 30 slots on rosters, 2 kicks get added to your faction daily, which will add up to a maximum of 4 kicks


Barring people within your roster will not allow that person to be rotated into your faction. This is not the same as removing a player from your roster as it will still take a slot within your roster list but will allow you to control the flow of people entering and reduce insiding incidents.

Do so by using /f ban {player}

Roster Ranks

Roster ranks are a way to assign faction roles to players automatically as they join in. Your can assign roster ranks to players using /f roster add {player} {rank}

You can also block certain players from being rotated out your faction by using /f roster lock {player}

Sword Enchant Changes

We changed up some success percentages to balance out the new custom enchants.


Success percentages:

  • 2% - Level 1
  • 3% - Level 2
  • 4% - Level 3

Level 3 gives resistance for 15 seconds instead of 10
Success percentages:

  • 3% - Level 1
  • 4% - Level 2
  • 5% - Level 3
Death Grirp

Success percentages:

  • 20% - Level 1
  • 40% - Level 2

Success percentages:

  • 20%
  • 30%
  • 40%

Smaller But Relevant Changes

  • Beacons will no longer be craftable
  • Beacons will be removed from the shop
  • Outpost spawner boosters will no longer stack with other spawner boosters