How to Apply for Staff

Thanks for your interest in becoming a part of our staff team! Here is how you can apply to be a staff member on our network.

We take our staff applications through our discord ticketing system. To create your staff application, go to the #support channel on our discord and type -ticket.

Our trusty TheArchon BOT will then send you a private message and guide you through the process of creating a ticket.

After submitting your ticket, you will get a message from the bot including a text channel link that will direct you to your staff application text channel. It looks something like this.

Inside that channel, you will be provided a list of conditions that you must agree to in order to apply. You can also find the different formats based on which gamemode you plan on applying for.

Click on the link that applies to what you'd like to apply for, copy the questions, answer them, and post it back in the same text channel.

You're done! Now please wait patiently while our staff review and respond to your application. Good luck!