Prison: Azkaban Reset

Prison: Azkaban Reset

Hello everyone, welcome to the Prison Azkaban Reset post.

The second season of Azkaban has come an end and Azkaban will be resetting this Saturday at 1 PM EST.

New Features

New Reworked Value System

The Plot Top and plot value evaluations have been completely redone for this season of Azkaban to better fit the true nature of prison! Prison isn't about placing blocks, it's about mining and selling them, so we tweaked the value system for this very reason.  

Your value will now be accumulated from the money gained from selling to the NPCs at the mines, as well as the bonus blocks placed down on your plot. Bonus value blocks that you can earn from Crystals and Crates will still be in /value and add to the value of your plot!  

All plot value will be reset on a weekly basis - so no more giant valuable block towers! This also gives new players the chance to get plot top.

Note: Blocks placed on your plot will be deleted and only contribute monetarily to that week's plot value.

Selling Candies

You may now sell your candies to the NPCs at your mine. The price of the candies sold is dependent on how refined the candy is as well as the mine that it is sold at. There will be a separate NPC that you can sell at so you don't need to worry about accidentally selling all the precious candy you refined! As a result of the value rework, when you sell candies they will also contribute towards your value.

As with the value rework, when you sell candies they will also contribute towards your value.

Refining Candy

As you may know, previously when you refine candies it takes a long time to refine them. We think that the way to get better and more OP candies shouldn't just be based on the time it takes to refine, as it allows players to just simply be AFK to obtain these good candies.

As a result of this, Refiner Fuel is being added. You can purchase this in the /expshop for experience. The Refiner Fuel will last for a certain amount of refines until it runs out. You can only use it to refine your candy if you have the fuel in your refinery. We feel this is a good way to slightly nerf the ability to earn OP candies without directly changing the candies' abilities.

Reworked Enchantments

Drill, Seismic and TNT have been reworked to fit better with the current enchantments and candies. We spoke with the prison community and used their suggestions and reports about enchantments and decided to completely overhaul these 3!


When the enchantment activates, the enchant will mine down 20 blocks (at max level) with a radius of 2 blocks from the player!  

We wanted to make the "block breaking enchantments" fairly different from each other so it works effectively to get them individually as well as still being effective when you eventually get them all at the same time!  

Image from Gyazo


At max level, seismic can destroy a 30 x 30 x 1 area of blocks (smaller area destroyed at lower levels) around the player. With seismic, we felt it would be best to make it big but not crazy, so we felt the appropriate step would be to make the enchantment feel like a layer smasher.  

Image from Gyazo


When TNT activates, it will create a big explosion destroying all blocks in a big square around the player. As the new description shows it, it's an explosion - now with some new, more fitting sound effects!  

Image from Gyazo


A new reward you can earn when you mine! You randomly gain Crystals that you can open to earn cool rewards!

As you prestige and level up you will gain access to new, better Crystals.  Take a look at the crystals and their rewards in /Crystals.

With the Crystal update we also changed the old crystals to "Fragments". You can access the old menu with the /fragments command!

This season, we took a deeper look into candies and enchantments, tweaking how they impact the prison economy. We took the time to test and re-balance these features to make them more economically friendly for you, the players. More in-depth balance notes will be posted on release so stay tuned for that. We hope you enjoy this season of Prison Azkaban, see you all on Saturday at 1 PM EST!

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