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Prison: Azkaban Reset

Hello everyone, welcome to the Prison Azkaban Reset post!

The current season of Azkaban has come an end and the realm will be resetting this Saturday September 11th at 2:00 PM EST / 5:00 AM AEST / 7:00 PM GMT.


We have weekly payouts for Plot Top. The prizes are as follows:

1st: $200 Paypal
2nd: $50 Paypal, $90 Buycraft
3rd: $25 Paypal, $50 Buycraft
4th: $25 Buycraft
5th: $15 Buycraft

You can win prizes if you're in one of the top 3 places in Prestige Top. The payouts for Prestige Top are:

1st: $50 Paypal
2nd: $30 Buycraft
3rd: $20 Buycraft

Blocks Mined Payouts are as follows:

1st: $50 Paypal
2nd: $30 Buycraft
3rd: $20 Buycraft

You can view the current standings for Prestige Top and Block Mined by finding the NPCs at spawn.

Map Points

We’ll be adding Map Points to Prison. Each week, the top three teams will be given points:

  • 1st Place - 3 Points
  • 2nd Place - 2 Points
  • 3rd Place - 1 Point

These will be manually given out after the payouts and strike reports for the week have been fully dealt with.

Players who are members of teams in the top 3 positions will have numbers next to their name in chat depending on what position they're in. Show off in chat that you're the best Prison player on the server!

Catch-Up Mechanic

We’ll be implementing a catch up mechanic to make it easier for players that want to compete if they join Azkaban later in the season. This means that each week, a set of mines/Prestiges will become slightly cheaper:

  • Beginning of Week 2: Mine A-Z Prices Cheaper
  • Beginning of Week 3: Mine A - Prestige 15 Cheaper
  • Beginning of Week 4: Mine A - Prestige 30 Cheaper
  • Beginning of Week 5: Mine A - Prestige 45 Cheaper

The certain mines/prestiges that are reduced will be reduced by 10% each week. That means that at the beginning of Week 5, Prestige 31 -> Prestige 45 will have been reduced by 10%, whereas mines A-Z will have been reduced by 40%.

Pet Changes

We are removing the Taming requirement for Pets at Levels 1-3. However, in order to merge and obtain a level 4 pet, you will still require taming EXP. The these values remain unchanged and are the following:

  • Level 4: 50k EXP
  • Level 5: 100k EXP
  • Level 6: 200k EXP
  • Level 7: 400k EXP

As well as this, we are adding Pet Net and Lure rewards for completing the Freeworld Pet Challenges, to ease you into your pet catching journey.

Contraband Changes

There have been a number of changes made to Contraband on Prison to make them higher quality and more enticing. You will now only find Contraband drops in the /outpost instead of /pvp.

As well as this, we will be buffing Contraband rewards, and added some awesome limited tags. The new Contraband key can be obtained through drops and can be used at spawn.

Contraband will now also give you Gang EXP when mining and opening them. You will receive 75 EXP with a cooldown of 30 seconds between gains.

Starter Kit

The following changes have been made to the Starter Kit to allow for a smoother transition into mining at the beginning of the season. We noticed that players were finding it quite tough to start out and get the ball rolling, and we hope that this will give them the initial push they need.

You can now expect to see:

  • Fortune 20 added to the Starter Kit
  • Increased the Backpack sizing of the Starter Backpack to 300 slots in the Starter Kit
  • The Starter kit will now contain a few higher tiered mining-related Candies
  • Plot Related buildings will now be stored in a Starter Chest on your plot rather than in your starter inventory

Mid-Season Enchant Change Reminder

This season we decided to buff Tunneler mid-season due to the old versions' lack of power. As a reminder or for those who missed it, this is currently how Tunneler works:

  • Tunneler mines in a 3x3 area
  • 5 out of the 9 Tunneler blocks give full enchant/candies procs
  • 4 out of the 9 Tunneler blocks give nothing but fortune procs
  • The full proc blocks form a shape of a plus (+)

Balancing/QoL Changes

Last but not least, here are a number of changes we've made to increase the quality of life on Prison and overall balance gameplay better:

  • The Fortune Prestige Requirement has been increased by a factor of 3x
  • We’ll be severely reducing the time it takes to craft augmentations/augmented fragments
  • Health Indicators have been added for PvP
  • We’ll be increasing the cooldown of Atomic Warheads and slightly reduce the radius of blocks destroyed for delicious Atomic Warheads to 9 blocks. This is to reduce players relying on them heavily during the early game

We hope to see you for the next season of Prison Azkaban on Saturday at 2:00 PM EST! Let us know what you think about the upcoming season on our Discord server.

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