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Prison: Azkaban Reset

Hello everyone, welcome to the Prison Azkaban Reset post.

The current season of Azkaban has come an end and the realm will be resetting this Saturday June 13th at 2:00 PM EST / 4:00 AM AEST / 7:00 PM BST.

We hope you've all been enjoying Prison on The Archon and are looking forward to the next season. Thank you all for your support and suggestions regarding the Azkaban server, you're helping every day by making it a better realm for you all to enjoy. Without further ado, lets get into the new content!

Prison Pets

Introducing new Prison Pets! Foster awesome pets and keep them in your very own plot Zoo!

Players can purchase Pet Eggs from the tokenshop, then place them in their plot Zoo to start getting the benefits! While you're online, your pet will gather currency over time while you're busy mining, PvPing or even while you're AFK. When you're offline, your pets will still gather currency if they've been placed in the Zoo, and you can collect it when you're back online!

Different types of pets can give you different currencies, like cash or tokens, while in your Zoo. They can be upgraded by combining pets with the same stats together to make them gather currency at a quicker rate. For example, if you've got 2 X pets at level 1, if you combine them together you will get an X pet at level 2!

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Zoos have a limited amount of pet space, however they can be upgraded depending on your player rank. Upgraded Zoos will have more slots for pets and increased bank capacity so you can gather currency a lot faster!


Minebosses are bosses that will randomly spawn in a any of the mines, that you must defeat to get special rewards!

There will be a few different types of bosses and each one will have unique abilities and varying amounts of health depending on the mine it spawns in. The higher the mine level, the higher the health of the boss when it spawns.

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When simply attacking the boss you will gain candies and tokens randomly. When beating the boss the top 3 players that deal the most damage will receive the special rewards!

Dimension Hopper

Introducing a brand new legendary custom enchantment - Dimension Hopper! When this enchantment activates, you will be teleported to another dimension where you can mine for a limited amount of time!

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During your limited time in the other dimension, you'll be able to mine the blocks that are there, which you can sell for a higher amount of money compared to your normal current mine! You want to make the most of the time there though and mine as much as you can, as you won't be there for long!

We hope to see you for the next season of Prison Azkaban on Saturday at 2 PM EST! Let us know what you think about the upcoming season on our Discord server.

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