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Prison: Azkaban Reset

Hello everyone, welcome to the Prison Azkaban Reset post!

The current season of Azkaban has come an end and the realm will be resetting this Saturday March 27th  at 2:00 PM EST / 5:00 AM AEST / 6:00 PM GMT.


We are increasing our weekly payouts for Plot Top. Positions 2 and 3 will now include a Paypal Payout. The updated prizes are as follows:

1st: $200 Paypal
2nd: $50 Paypal, $90 Buycraft
3rd: $25 Paypal, $50 Buycraft
4th: $25 Buycraft
5th: $15 Buycraft

We are replacing our Candies Refined seasonal Payout with a Prestige Top Seasonal payout. The payouts Prestige Top will be:

1st: $50 Paypal
2nd: $30 Buycraft
3rd: $20 Buycraft

Blocks Mined Payouts will not be changed, they still are as follows:

1st: $50 Paypal
2nd: $30 Buycraft
3rd: $20 Buycraft

You can view the current standings for Prestige Top and Block Top by finding the NPCs at spawn.

Team Size Change

For this season of Azkaban we've changed how many plot members you can have based on your in-game rank:

  • Non-Donors: 6 People
  • Snitch & Goon: 7 People
  • Gangster & Fencer: 8 People
  • Hustler & Mobster: 9 People
  • Godfather: 10 people

Prestige Changes

We want to change the pace of progress on the server to make mining the key focus once more. As a result of this, we'll be changing how Prestiging works. There will no longer be a cap on the number of Prestiges, this allows grinders to keep ranking up past the previous Prestige 30 cap.

With this Prestige change means that we will updating Prestige rewards, with sell boosters provided by Prestiging being greater in the earlier/lower Prestige levels compared to the latter levels. All Prestiges will receive a sell booster, albeit of a smaller magnitude as you progress.

We will also be reworking the rankup/Prestige costs to enable more players to reach the end game content. Lastly, with these changes, we’ll be changing the positions of some of our mine builds:

Prestige 1 Mine to Prestige 20 Mines - Remain unchanged

Prestige 30 Mine - Using previous Prestige 25 Mine build

Prestige 40 Mine - New mine build - Toxic/Radioactive Candy Theme

Prestige 50 Mine - New mine build - Candy Space Theme

Prestige 75 Mine - Using previous Prestige 30 Mine

Prestige 100 Mine - New mine build - Candy Themed

Quarry Changes

For this upcoming map of Azkaban, we'll be saying farewell to the Quarry as we currently know it. We've been listening to feedback from the community and understand that mining in the Quarry was becoming tedious.

As a result of removing the Quarry, we'll be changing how you can obtain Custom Ores and Pickaxes. Custom Ores will now be mineable in select Prestige mines:

  • Ruby Ore: Prestige 5 Mine
  • Topaz Ore: Prestige 10 Mine
  • Platinum Ore: Prestige 15 Mine
  • Cobalt Ore: Prestige 20 Mine
  • Opal Ore: Prestige 30 Mine
  • Uranium Ore: Prestige 40 Mine
  • MoonStone Ore: Prestige 50 Mine

While all other Custom Ores spawn in their new mines, MoonStone Ore will use the previous Quarry method where it will periodically rain Meteorites from the sky that crash into the ground. These events will happen when previously crashed Moonstone ore has been mined.

When this event takes place and Meteorites fall from the sky, Moonstone Golems will spawn until all of the Moonstone ore is gone. There will be a maximum of 15 Moonstone Golems per ore, and they will target players who try to attack them.

We will be updating the textures we currently have for our Custom Ores as well as adding textures for all MoonStone related items.

Power Item Shop

You can now access the Power Item Shop using /pshop and spend your EXP on powerful weapons with abilities that will turn the tides in PvP. Upgrade these items over time to make them even more powerful!

IceBreaker Axe
This destructive axe will chip away at your enemies like they were blocks of ice. Activate it's ability to deal more damage per hit for 3 seconds. Costs 10,000,000 (10M) EXP to purchase.

Multi-Shot Bow
Barrage your enemies with a hoard of arrows to ensure they never get away! This unique bow fires additional arrows every time the bow is fired. Upgrade it to increase the amount of arrows it fires and how fast they shoot. Costs 8,000,000 (8M) EXP to purchase.

Outpost Changes

After listening to feedback from the community, we've learned that the Outpost was way too overpowered for what it should be, and as a result we've made a number of changes to better balance it.

  • We are reducing the sell booster effect to 1.1x rather than the current 1.5x
  • Every season we will be alternating between the 2 types of Outposts we currently run (Odyssey Style/Regular Outpost). For this upcoming map, we will be using the regular style Outpost.
  • Alongside all these Outpost changes, we will be removing the Teaming at the Outpost Rule for this season due to the Outpost being less powerful thus easier to capture.

Commodity Bank Changes

We are happy to say that our value system has been stable on Prison for the past several seasons. With our newest change, the value that you earn will come out of your own money (rather than it coming out of nowhere).

As well as this, players will be able to decide how much of their money goes towards increasing their plot’s value, with the value you can contribute being between 1-5%. This is controlled by the Commodity Bank. This means that:

  • If a player sells an inventory worth $100 and the percentage of the sell going to the plot value is 1%, the player will earn $99 and will gain 1 value.
  • If a player sells an inventory worth $100 and the percentage of the sell going to the plot value is 5%, the player will earn $95 and will gain 5 value.

/CE Change

We will be changing how you can purchase PvP Custom Enchantments for this upcoming season of Azkaban. Previously you would be able to purchase enchantments based on their tier: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary. With this update, you'll be able to purchase the enchantments by their level. This means that you can choose to buy a random level 1, 2 or 3 enchantment from the collective pool of PvP enchantments.

Gang Balancing

We always like to try and balance out each of the gangs to make them more fair for everyone. This means actively changing perks or effects based on how the realm grows and changes throughout the seasons. Here are the changes that we have made for this season:


  • We’re reducing the level of punch on the Cheetah Gang Bow from Punch 5 to Punch 2
  • Level 11: There is now a +5% Reduction on items in /expshop
  • Level 21: There is now a +10% Reduction on items in /expshop
  • Level 23: There is now a 1% Sell Booster


  • Level 3: Changed from x1.25 TokenBooster to x1.05
  • Level 5: There is now a 5% Reduction on refinery times
  • Level 11: Changed from x1.5 TokenBooster to x1.2x
  • Level 12: There is now a 10% Reduction on refinery times
  • Level 18: Changed from 1.75x TokenBooster to 1.35x
  • Level 19: There is now a 15% Reduction on refinery times
  • Level 23: There is now a 20% Reduction on refinery times
  • Level 25: Changed from 2x TokenBooster to 1.5x


  • Level 2: There is now a +5% increase on candy times
  • Level 20: There is now a +10% increase on candy times

Quality of Life Changes

  • We have added a feature that allows you to open all pouches of one type at the same time.
  • A max merge for Crystals that automatically merges all Crystals into the highest possible type. For example:
    - 4 Basic Crystals and 3 Common Crystals would merge into an Uncommon Crystal with a single click.
    - 4 Basic Crystals, 3 Common Crystals and 2 Legendary Crystals would merge into an Uncommon Crystal with 2 Legendary Crystals left over in a single click
  • Added some more building blocks to /shop.
  • You can now do /mine while you're within mines.
  • When doing /disenchant, after disenchanting an item, you stay in the /disenchant menu so you don’t need to do repeat the command again.

New Player Commands

We've added a few commands that you can use to make things that little bit easier whilst ranking up.

  • /ru - alias for /rankup
  • /rankupmax and /rumax - this command will fully rankup a player to the highest rank they can be.
  • /prestigemax - this command will fully prestige a player to the highest prestige they can be.


Last but not least, we've made a number of balance changes to make life on Prison fair for everyone playing.

  • Increased the requirements to Prestige the Merchant enchantment
  • Decreased the requirements to Prestige the TNT, Seismic & Drill enchantments
  • Increased proc rate of the Luck enchantment
  • Increased duration of Atomic Warheads for Refined and Tasty Tiers
  • Improved items in Contraband Drops
  • Improved items in KoTH and Boss-Showdown Crates

We hope to see you for the next season of Prison Azkaban on Saturday at 2 PM EST! Let us know what you think about the upcoming season on our Discord server.

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