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Prison: Azkaban Reset

Hello everyone, welcome to the Prison Azkaban Reset post.

The third season of Azkaban has come an end and the realm will be resetting this Sunday March 1st at 3 PM EST.

Throughout the last season of Azkaban, we've made many changes and fixes to existing content as well as adding lots of new features that have made the prison experience here on TheArchon more enjoyable. Thanks to your support and feedback, we've been able to power through making these changes and additions to the server to make your gameplay just that bit better.

Last Season's Changes

There's a lot of changes that were made to Azkaban last season, here's a list of them all so you can get yourselves up to date before season 4 starts!

-Fixed the Replenish Custom Enchantment always activating at Max Level
-Fixed an issue that caused bone meal to not be consumed when used on crops in farms
-Fixed a bug that allowed low light levels to break crops on farms
-Added the ability to choose which seed rarities the auto-seeder can use (shift-right-click in farm upgrades)
-Fixed players losing pickaxes if they are not able to respawn after death before server reboots
-Added Candy Seeds to various "/kit" sets
-Fixed an issue with seeds in the Farm harvester
-Fixed an issue with the Tootsie Roll Candy
-Gobstopper Candies will now give effects above the max level of Fortune
-Minebombs are no longer restricted by full inventories, and will attempt to fill Backpacks
-Fixed being unable to craft hay bales in the "/Freeworld"
-Fixed some issues with Machine region protection bypasses
-Removed the ability to place additional signs on farms
-Added chat messages in addition to titles when Curses are activated
-Added 4 new Epic Candies which can spawn randomly with any tier of Candy
-Added 6 new curses: Walk 100 Steps, Find the Sponge/Chicken, Mine 1k Blocks, Kill the Boss, & Stand Still
-Fixed being unable to build/spawn Withers in the "/Freeworld"
-Fixed currency abbreviations not supporting Quadrillions (1,000T -> 1Q)

This season we've revamped some of our items on the store. We've fully revamped crates adding things such as farms/candies/value blocks and new unique pickaxes! You can see these in our store by viewing the crates.

We've also updated our money pouch system so instead of giving a specific amount of money, it'll give you money based on what mine you're at. This way it'll be more beneficial for you no matter what level you are!

Void Backpack

Introducing the Void Chest - a backpack that sells it's contents every 5 minutes for a 20% fee. The blocks inside will be sold based on the highest mine that you have unlocked at that time.

New Faces

You'll be seeing CharMC, Generzon, Sword4000 and Dexter113 on the Prison server and they will be streaming the release on Sunday. As well as this, there will be more YouTubers uploading videos in week following the release. Make sure you give them a friendly welcome to Azkaban if you see them online!

Payouts will be paid out as usual on Friday this week.

We hope to see you for the next season of Prison Azkaban on Sunday at 3 PM EST! Let us know what you think about the upcoming season on our Discord server.

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