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Prison: Azkaban Reset

Hello everyone, welcome to the Prison Azkaban Reset post!

The current season of Azkaban has come an end and the realm will be resetting this Friday July 2nd at 2:00 PM EST / 5:00 AM AEST / 7:00 PM GMT.

We are taking down the realm on Sunday night/Monday morning reboot this week and will be keeping it down while we make preparations for the new season on Friday. There won't be payouts for the couple of days between this weeks payouts and when the realm goes down on Sunday/Monday.

We are allowing members of the Prison Council to help us test out new features and various changes to existing features for this upcoming reset. If you wish to become a part of the Prison Council, then you must read the information provided in the #roles-and-applications channel, and apply via -ticket on our Discord server (linked at the bottom of this announcement post).


We have weekly payouts for Plot Top. The prizes are as follows:

1st: $200 Paypal
2nd: $50 Paypal, $90 Buycraft
3rd: $25 Paypal, $50 Buycraft
4th: $25 Buycraft
5th: $15 Buycraft

You can win prizes if you're in one of the top 3 places in Prestige Top. The payouts for Prestige Top are:

1st: $50 Paypal
2nd: $30 Buycraft
3rd: $20 Buycraft

Blocks Mined Payouts are as follows:

1st: $50 Paypal
2nd: $30 Buycraft
3rd: $20 Buycraft

You can view the current standings for Prestige Top and Block Mined by finding the NPCs at spawn.

Map Points

We’ll be adding Map Points to Prison. Each week, the top three teams will be given points:

  • 1st Place - 3 Points
  • 2nd Place - 2 Points
  • 3rd Place - 1 Point

These will be manually given out after the payouts and strike reports for the week have been fully dealt with.

Players who are members of teams in the top 3 positions will have numbers next to their name in chat depending on what position they're in. Show off in chat that you're the best Prison player on the server!

Skill Tree Rework

On Prison we will be removing gangs and now, instead of receiving rewards when you level up, you will gain Skill Tokens which you can spend on Skills. There is no cap on the amount of times you can level up, however it'll require more experience than before to level up.

You can decide where to invest your Skill Points into, instead of having a certain type of rewards and abilities from being in 1 gang. You can prestige your abilities by spending more points on them to make them better, or gain new effects. Unlocking Base abilities cost 1 Skill Token, while unlocking prestiged abilities costs 3 Skill Tokens.

Tiers are only unlocked after spending a certain amount of skill tokens:

  • Tier 1 - Unlocked by default
  • Tier 2 - Requires spending 5 Skill Points
  • Tier 3 - Requires spending 12 Skill Points
  • Tier 4 - Requires spending 21 Skill Points
  • Tier 5 - Requires spending 35 Skill Points

Gang Transfer Tokens will be turned into Respec Tokens. This allows you to gain all your Skill Tokens back and allows you to start from scratch.

Odyssey Outpost

As previously stated, we are alternating between Outpost types for each season, and this season we are bring back the Odyssey style Outpost.

The Outpost will open to be captured every 1 hour 30 minutes, with the capture time being reduced from 500 seconds to 250 seconds. The event will last for 15 minutes and the winners will gain access to the Outpost Mine.

Private Mine Revamp

We've spent time thinking about Private Mines and what we can do to improve them for players that purchase them. Now, Private Mines will no longer be items that you can place on your plot. Previously when you wanted to place and move PMs on your plot, it would create massive holes.

Private Mines will now be located in their own separate world and will be balanced to mimic the composition and pricing of your current top mine. This means that if mining in your regular mines becomes crowded, or there are a lot of other player's enchantments activating, then you can use a Private Mine to escape this.

Enchantment Balancing

We've made a number of changes to existing custom pickaxe enchantments to better balance them for the sake of the economy. Take a look at the changes below.

The Tunneller ability on Custom Pickaxes will now be changed to the following:
- Tunneller Ability I -> JackHammer I
- Tunneller Ability II -> JackHammer II
- Tunneller Ability III -> JackHammer III

This enchantment removes an entire layer of the mine, only activating on raw blocks and not those mined through other enchantment or effects.
- Jackhammer Ability I - activation chance: 1/5000
- Jackhammer Ability II - activation chance: 1/3500
- Jackhammer Ability III - activation chance: 1/200

Revamped Enchantments

After looking at and reviewing how effective some of our current enchantments are, we've decided to revamp a few of them to make them worth having on your pickaxes.

- now summons a block of TNT which explodes summoning 4 more. TNT Explodes in radius of 2 to 9 blocks depending on enchantment level. There is a cooldown of 3 minutes after activation.

- We are drastically expanding the area of effect for the Seismic enchantment.

- When you shift, you will drill a tunnel beneath you in a radius of 3 blocks. The depth is 2 to 25 blocks depending on enchantment level. There is a cooldown of 3-6 minutes after activation.

New Enchantments

Last but not least, we are introducing some awesome new custom enchantments that you can put on your pickaxes.

Mining Parties
For every block you mine, there is a chance to activate a Mining Party for a certain amount of time. When this happens, one of 5 mining related boosters will take place with a 3 minute cooldown. Here are the following boosters that you could activate:

  • 1.5 Token booster
  • 2x EXP booster
  • 1.5x sell booster
  • 2x Fragment chance
  • All enchantment activation rate +1%

Shadow Clones
More versions of you = more profit! This enchantment spawns a certain amount of shadow clones of yourself depending on the level. These spawned clones will then mine for you for a short amount of time with the same pickaxe and enchantments you have.

Harness the power of Thor and summon lightning strikes to the mine! Lightning will strike a certain amount of times causing a devastating conical crater of varying depths depending on the level of enchantment.

Have the ability to turn a nearby block into an active landmine, where if you mine it, it'll explode. Upon leveling this enchantment, more landmines will spawn upon activation. If something blows up or breaks another landmine in the area, then it’ll also explode in an awesome chain reaction.

Creates a powerful blackhole that sucks in blocks and gets bigger over time. You can upgrade this enchantment to increase the amount of time the blackhole exists for.

Creates a devastating laser that lasts for a certain amount of time, which is activated by right-clicking your pickaxe. When you upgrade the enchantment, the size, duration and duration increases, with the cooldown being decreased.

We hope to see you for the next season of Prison Azkaban on Friday at 2:00 PM EST! Let us know what you think about the upcoming season on our Discord server.

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