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The Back to School Backpack

Hey everyone! As the summer winds to an end, it is time to get your academic head back on as the new school year begins. To celebrate this event, we are releasing the limited time Back to School Backpack!

Limited-Time Crate

The limited time Back to School Backpack will be available from now until Tuesday 30th August @ 4AM EST so be sure to grab one while you can! You can find it in the crate keys category on shop.thearchon.net.

NEW Cosmetics

Your Back to School Backpack could contain the highly desirable Teacher Rank (that you can't get anywhere else!), School-themed titles, the animal Disguises, Particle Trails or Sprays!

The contents of your crate will vary based on the realm, so you can check out what each crate contains below.

Factions Dungeon

Back to School Dungeon OP reward - one of the following:

  • Teacher Rank
  • Thinking Spray
  • School Block Trail
  • Chicken Disguise

Back to School Dungeon rewards - 24 of the following:

  • 16x throwable creeper eggs
  • 9x Switcherballs
  • 16x Chunkbusters
  • 2x bedrock
  • 6x Void Chests
  • 1x Koth Starter
  • 4x 500 use Lightning Wands
  • 4x 500 use Stacker Wands
  • 6x T3 mcMMO pouches
  • 6x T3 Money Pouches
  • 6X T3 EXP Pouches
  • 9x Blaze Spawners
  • 8x Villager Spawners
  • 8x Witch Spawners
  • 8x Creeper Spawners
  • 4x IG Spawners
  • 2x 2x 3 hour Exp Boosters
  • 2x 2x 3 hour Spawner Boosters
  • One-Time Teacher Kit
  • $10,000,000
  • Smile Spray
  • Bug Wings Trail
  • School Block Trail
  • Note Particle Trail
  • Class Clown Tag
  • Teacher's Pet Tag
  • Bat Disguise
  • 30d Access to Jelly Legs
  • 30d Access to Grim Reaper Gkit
  • 30d Access to Cupid Kit
  • 30d Access to Bunny Kit
  • Back To School Dungeon Key
  • 1x Silverfish Spawner
  • 1x Sharpness 7 Sword
  • 1x Damage Set
  • 1x Punch 4 Bow






Teacher Rank

The Teacher Rank is exclusively obtained from the Back to School Backpack, so you can’t get it anywhere else! The Teacher Rank has the equivalent perks of rank 4 on each realm, in addition to the exclusive Teacher tag cosmetic.

You can use /prefix on any realm to change your tab and chat prefix to one of your currently owned limited rank tags. Use this to proudly show off your Teacher rank in chat for everyone to see!

(rank perks vary on each realm, to see what perks top ranks have, do /rank in game or check out the ranks on our server store)

The best of luck to everyone who will be returning to school for the new academic year! We hope that you work hard and aspire to be the very best, as your future is in your own hands.  Thank you for your time, dedication and everlasting support for the server, see you online.

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