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Skyblock: The Battle Update

Hello everyone! For this week's content update we are updating some important aspects of PvP on Skyblock, including the Duel kits, Outpost, custom enchantments and armor, as well as introducing Victory Points.

Armor Update

We recently held a meeting with the Skyblock community where we discussed many different ideas and features that players wanted us to add or change. One of the most frequently discussed topics was how Diamond Armor and Mob Armor currently fare in the current Skyblock PvP environment.

Diamond Armor was definitely under performing and ultimately not worth using in PvP, making most players resort to only using Mob Armor. As a result of this, the durability of Diamond Armor has been increased by 25%. We hope this makes it more viable in combat and look forward to hearing your feedback about it.

Additionally, we have slightly nerfed Mob Armor by increasing the amount of Mob Heads that are required to craft the armor. We have realized that Mob Armor was too easy to obtain, and hope this change helps balance that out.

Duel Kits

The Diamond Armor sets in /duel have also had their durability updated. As well as this, the inventory set up in Duels has been re-arranged to better fit the PvP style.

We are also introducing the new God duel kit! This new kit consists of protection 4, unbreaking 10 Diamond Armor with some very useful custom enchantments on them.  

Image from Gyazo

New Outpost Map

The Outpost is getting a new map! To participate in the Outpost events, do /warp outpost, or find out more about Outposts in general, do /outpost.

Custom Enchantments

The Sweeping Edge enchantment has been re-enabled, and will now work on Mobs. When Sweeping Edge activates, you will kill mobs in the area surrounding the mob stack that you can currently hitting.

Introducing the brand new enchantment - Ace! This Rare tier enchantment will 1 shot mobs in The Deep. Working your way through The Deep and mining ores has never been easier! Ace can be applied to swords with a max of 3 levels.

Victory Points

We will be awarding Victory Points to the top 3 islands every Payout on Skyblock, with the first place Island receiving 3 points, second place 2 points, and third place 1 point.

You can find your Victory Points number at the beginning of your name in chat. These points won't allow you to obtain anything extra except to show off to your friends that you're the top Skyblock player with the most points!

We hope you enjoy this week's content update, be sure to try out our new duel kit or updated diamond armor and feel free to leave us your feedback on our Discord server over in #player-suggestions!

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