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Guide to 1.19 Prison Servers In Minecraft

The new Minecraft 1.19 update is out now. In this guide, we'll show you how to get started on prison Minecraft servers with the new update!

How To Play Minecraft 1.19

If you want to play on Minecraft 1.19, open the game and install the update. It will automatically download and boot the game for you. From there, you can play as normal. The new blocks and items will be automatically available to you.

TIP: Ensure that your installation is for the "latest version" of Minecraft for it to be an automatic update. Otherwise, create a new installation for 1.19 from the versions tab!

Minecraft servers will either offer a client update or server update. For many of the top game modes, a client update will likely be on launch date with updates to 1.19 at a later date. How exciting!

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Minecraft Prison Servers 1.19 IP

TheArchon works with all Minecraft versions, from 1.19 all the way to 1.8. To play prison:

  1. Open Minecraft 1.19
  2. Multiplayer
  3. Direct Connect prison.archonhq.net

New 1.19 Blocks

As the update has just been released in June 2022, many servers are now updating so that you can play prison with 1.19. With time, many of the top multiplayer games will be updated to include the new blocks and items.

Look forward to starting out in the earlier mines going after Mud Blocks and then coming across the Sculk series of blocks later on in the game.

What else do you think will make prison more interesting in 1.19? What about a Warden that rises out of the ground when disturbed, similar to how the new deep dark biome works.

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Will Minecraft 1.19 Update Existing Worlds?

On both existing worlds and on prison servers, the current world will not be changed. If you are playing on singleplayer, you will need to adventure out into new terrain for it to be generated in 1.19.

On prison servers, the servers will not be changed. New items and blocks will be available for use on prison servers when new updates are released specifically for this verison. Singleplayer allows you to collect new items from new areas and bring them back to your base at home.

Minecraft 1.19 Mobs

  • Warden - iron-golem like hard monster
  • Allay - vex-like blue monster
  • Tadpole - turns into a frog
  • Frog - appearance depends on the temperature

When Did Minecraft 1.19 Come Out?

The Wild Update was releaed on June 7, 2022.

Possibilities for Prison Servers On 1.19

  • Boss fights against the Warden
  • Catch an Allay pet
  • Mine Mud, Mangrove Logs, Sculk and Reinforced Deepslate in the mines
  • Upgrade your plot with all the new blocks and paintings
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