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SkyBlock Minecraft: 5 Fall House Ideas [2022]

With Fall just days away, maybe it is time to give your island a makeover? In this article, we'll give you some new house ideas for the colder months that lay ahead. Read now and then start playing!

1) Pumpkin

The highlight for most people this time of year is Halloween! What's a more cosy idea than to place your next minecraft skyblock base inside a pumpkin? You could incorporate multiple pumpkins around your base and enclose useful parts like your farms inside one.

If you don't want to make your entire base a pumpkin, there is always both the Pumpkin & Jack-o'-lantern blocks to be taken advantage of. Place them around your island and give any house a more spooky style.

halloween minecraft trees

2) Forest Cabin

Did you know that there is a game mode on OneBlock with a forest theme? It was once of the most popular available to play on. You spawn inside a huge tree and are surrounded by a cosy forest to explore. Why not recreate it as a house on your island, or take inspiration and go for a cabin in the woods. With the use of plenty of bone meal and saplings, it is not too hard to recreate a tiny forest on your island.

How to create woods in SkyBlock:

  1. Lay out a large flat dirt platform
  2. Place saplings in a grid pattern. The close together, the denser the woods will be
  3. (Optional) use bone meal to speed up the growing

3) Horse Stable

While a lot of outdoor sports are much less appealing in the colder months, horse riding is one that you could enjoy all year around. In Minecraft, all the different features related to horses could also be a sub-game in themselves!

Breed different types of horses, loot horse armor and even use donkeys as mules to carry your items. If you want to try something different, why not turn your base into a horse stable?

forest trees in minecraft

4) Minecraft Nether

The spookiest element of Minecraft is the Nether world. The 1.16 update, which is available on many games such as Minecraft servers with skyblock, added even more areas to explore. If you want to go full Halloween with your island, the nether is a great place to grab inspiration from.

From styling your monster spawners like a nether fortress to creating a gothic theme with the basalt blocks, there is plenty of ideas to draw from. Here are some great Nether blocks you could use in your Skyblock base:

5) Farmer's Market

If you like the multiplayer trading aspect of Skyblock, turning your island into a functional area could be of great fun. Did you know that many of the top servers offer a chest shop mod? This allows you to trade with other players at physical shops which you can setup in-game as you play.

Create a fall themed farmer's market and invite other players to come and visit. Watch back as other players shop around your market; buying and selling from all your different counters.

minecraft pumpkin array

Last Updated: Sep 13, 2022