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5 Minecraft Room Ideas For SkyBlock Servers

Got some space to fill up on your island? The skyblock Minecraft servers come with a huge area to build on. Choose from a variety of different themes and functions to fill up your base up with. Here's 5 Minecraft room ideas. Read now!

1) Warehouse Spawner Room

Going for function over form? A warehouse themed spawner room could be a simple way to create a space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Arrange all your mob spawners inside a large warehouse and set the player warp inside. Players can come and grind the monsters inside your building.

skyblock servers interior base

2) Georgian Palace Trophy Room

Whether it is your top enemies skull or claim over the various top competitions across TheArchon. There are lots of trophies you may want to display in your base and what better than a Georgian palace to do it? The royal themed base could be a great place to display all of your winnings.

minecraft skyblock servers interior

Invite other players for a tour and create an attraction on the multiplayer server! Share the server address with your friends so that they can come and see your victories as well. A Georgian palace could also include a variety of different rooms including a living room, storage cellar and more. What will you come up with?

3) Block Themed Room

Want to go for something for a bit different? A large version of one of your favorite blocks could be a cool idea! Have you seen a base create inside a huge Minecraft lantern before? You could create a viewing platform where players could warp and get a look inside. Designate different parts of the base to all the functions of a successful skyblock base!

What about a sky base where you can walk between multiple different blocks using a platform? You could layout a big version of a full armor set. Players could hang out in the boots section, grind monsters inside the chestplate and trade items in the leggings? There's so many different opportunities!

player shops on minecraft skyblock servers

4) Minecraft Store Player Shop Room

Player shops are one of the most popular elements of any Minecraft skyblock server. All it needs is chests, signs and the items you want to stock the shop with. Why not recreate a real store in the game? Create different levels with departments for each type of item that you sell. This idea could also work on the Minecraft prison servers.

shops interior on minecraft skyblock

5) Cyberpunk Storage Room

What is more cyberpunk than columns of items filled with thousands of items? 😉 When playing Minecraft skyblock, you may have lots of extra loot and resources you collect along the way. You could split up your island into different sections and themes. With a cyberpunk storage room, you can stack up rows of chests and it will still fit the aesthetic!