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5 Spring Builds On Prison Minecraft Servers

Maybe it is time for some spring cleaning on your Minecraft plot, with the start of spring arriving towards the end of next month. Here's some ideas for spring themed builds to create by yourself or with friends. Read now and start playing the prison Minecraft servers!

1) Flower Garden

With all the grass based biomes and decoration based blocks in Minecraft; there's plenty of ways to design your own flower garden. Design it around your base or create a new base in the centre. Will you invite your friends to come and hang out or keep it as a private garden? You could even plant the popular candies inside the garden and reap all the rewards on prison servers.

Garden on Minecraft prison


  • Butter fingers: 3x EXP Boost, 30 Seconds. Sell Value: $10
  • Star burst: 3x Token Boost, 90 Seconds. Sell Value: $15
  • Jolly ranchers: Mining Drill Effect, 45 Seconds. Sell Value: $15
  • Tootsie roll: Item Retainer Effect, Keep Items On Death For 30 Seconds. Sell Value: $10
  • M&Ms: Catch Multiple Fish, 2 Minutes. Sell Value: $10
  • Gobstopper: 2x Fortune Boost, 60 Seconds. Sell Value: $15
  • Lifesavers: Heal yourself when you take damage which would put you close to death's door. Sell Value: $5
  • Atomic Warheads: Turns the block you mine into an atomic bomb which explodes after 4s. It will destroy a 13x13x13 area. Lasts 30 seconds. Sell Value: $15
  • Sour Patch: Speed & Jump effect, 2 Minutes. Sell Value: $5

2) Village Market

Setup chest shops and take advantage of all the unique features in your own village market. The new dripstone blocks added in the new 1.17 update could be useful for creating a gray stone palette popular in villages across the world. Invite other players to your minecraft server plot and create a community. When you are playing on the best prison server, there are plenty of ways to enhance your build with amazing features and mods.

village on prison servers

3) Pond

Fishing is a big part of the high quality minecraft prison experience. It isn't just fish that you can loot; there's also tokens and more. There's different areas to be unlocked when you take part in the fishing tournament, so it is worthwhile to create a special fishing rod. Outside of the contests, why not setup a pond in your plot? Practice your fishing and invite other players to come and fish as well. Even if you don't use it for fishing, it could be very aesthetically pleasing as we head into spring! The fishing contests are also a very popular aspect of the Minecraft skyblock servers too.

4) Rainbow

Minecraft prison servers allow you to unlock all the colored blocks in the game. If you've already got a large build on your plot and don't want to lose it, why not decorate your plot with a big rainbow? Take advantage of all the different wools available and get creative! You could even write in rainbow text above your plot to let everyone know what your plot is about.

garden in minecraft

5) Zoo

Another aspect of the minecraft prison server is the ranch, which can be added to your plot. There's lot of different custom pets which can be placed into your ranch to generate money, tokens and experience every hour! Create a place to house all your custom pets and create a plot that all the player's across the server will want to visit. What style of zoo will you go for? Modern? Classic?

TIP: The higher level that your premium rank is, the more pets that your ranch can hold.

house in minecraft village

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