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5 Steps To Get Started On Minecraft Prison

Explore the mines and work your way through the jails on this Minecraft server game. Battle against hardened monsters and other players to reign over the prison. In this guide, we'll show you how to get started.

1) Do you have the right Minecraft game?

There are two different types of the Minecraft game that we all know and love. Java Edition has been around since 2011 and hosts thousands of servers, including prison.

2) Choose a prison server

Servers are games. The majority are free-to-play and can have thousands online at the same time. This makes game modes such as Minecraft prison servers extremely fun to play! With fun addons such as MineBombs, watch as dozens of nearby players mine alongside you.

Even when you are on a server, many parts of the game are still private to you. These include your plot, your items and any money that you earn in the game. You can invite players to areas such as your plot to team up and there are also multiplayer areas like mines. You can't be hurt by other players, unless you head into an area with PvP enabled.

minecraft prison server 1.19 mines

TIP: In Minecraft and other games, pvp means player-vs-player. When you an enter an area with "PvP enabled", it means that you can be damaged. But it also means you can damage others too!

When looking for a prison server to play on, the larger ones often have more features. This is because they usually have more developers and updates. Although, it is good to find a server that meets your requirements.

Looking for a good all-round Minecraft prison server? Head to the multiplayer section of your Minecraft game and direct connect to prison.archonhq.net.

minecraft prison dinosaur

3) Find your gameplay style

The game is not just about mining. There are other ways you can earn money to level up. From trading items with other players to taking part in fishing contests, there's all sorts of ways. Wager and bounty with other players in PvP, or even hedge your bets in the Arcade. Explore all that the game has to offer for maximum fun!

4) Get a resource pack

For many, Minecraft is not seen through the textures that you may know and love. It is referred to the default resource pack and is often changed to a style that you prefer. There are texture packs in different themes, ranging from medieval to futuristic. There are also packs with a focus on highlighting ores, which could be useful when playing prisons!

jurassic minecraft prison game

5) Get involved in the community

What keeps players interested the longest is the community. You can take part in contests, meet other players, or simply voice chat while you are mining. This is a great way to learn more about the game if you are new, as other players are always happy to help! Discord is one of the popular types of software to faciliate this.

Good luck in the mines!