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Minecraft Prison Servers: Easter Plot Builds

Happy Easter! Escaped from prison and onto building your Minecraft plot? Here's some ideas for your plot to create this easter. Log on to the Minecraft prison servers and start building today!

Candy Basket

Popular on the prison Minecraft servers is the ability to grow candies in your plot. They can be redeemed for effects such as Butterfingers, which gives you a 3x experience boost for 30 seconds.

Why not create a huge easter themed basket to grow your candies inside of? It would add a nice easter touch to your plot and help you organise all your different farms in the game.

Easter Egg Hunt

More of an end-game player and looking for an event to host? Why not create an easter egg hunt? You could let players purchase tickets to enter in order to fund all the prizes you hide inside!

Turn your plot into a vast hunt for all to take part in. Create caverns, hills, rabbit holes and more for visitors to explore. You could use redstone to activate the prizes or hand them out manually. What a great way to celebrate easter!

easter themed plot on prison server

How Do I Make A Plot On The Minecraft Server?

To create a plot on the Minecraft prison servers, first of all join the game. When you have settled into mining and have some items to store, setup a plot by running the /plot command. This command can also be used to manage your base and complete functions such as inviting your friends.


Reorganise your plot this easter with a garden theme. Designate different parts of the garden to various functions that your plot may have; candy farms, spawners and storage areas for example! Create a welcoming environment and use all the different stones and greens to form lawns, paths and walls. Not only is it great at easter time, but also throughout the year.

sapling on minecraft servers

Spring Valley

Flowers are blooming and the sun is back. For some, spring is their favorite season of the year! Collect all the flowers, craft a windmill and turn your plot into a spring themed world. Perfect if you would like to fill your plot up with farms, as they will fit right in.

With all the custom pets on TheArchon, they are sure to feel at home in your spring base, where nature is known to thrive most. You could take things up a notch and create man-made versions of large-scale flowers, custom trees and more if you want your home to stand out.


Minecraft: How To Set Plots?

Plots are set by the Minecraft server that you are playing on. The grid is pregenerated by the world. When you create a plot, you are assigned a plot in the world. They are assigned sequentially, so you'll always be nearby to other new players.

If you would like to claim a plot alongside your friends, create your plot and then invite your friends to teleport. They can manually walk over into a nearby plot and claim it using the /plot command.