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How To Play SkyBlock In Minecraft

In this article, we'll look at how to play skyblock in Minecraft. See how the island based game works in Java, the mods, kits and more. Read the guide and start playing now.

How Does Minecraft SkyBlock Work?

  • Grow your island: This game is all about having the best island on the Minecraft skyblock servers. There are prizes if you win the island top contest and with so many players to visit, you want to have a good home to visit. Players from across the world can visit your island if you make it public, so be sure to put a lot of effort in!
  • Upgrade your items: There are lots of tiers of items available. Custom enchantments can be applied to armor and weapons to make god-level gear. Not only that, there are different levels of enchants which cost varying levels of EXP.
  • Collect pets: When you are playing on the best Minecraft servers, there are extra adding such as pets available! There are dozens of custom pets which you can take on your minecraft skyblock journey with you. For example, the Eagle pet gives you increased monster drops.
  • Battle others: A big part of multiplayer is PvP. Head into the free-for-all and compete against other players in events such as king of the hill! Set bounties on your enemies and form alliances.
  • Level up: There's leaderboards for your money, skills & abilities, island value and more. Which leaderboard will you reach the top of?
Minecraft SkyBlock PvP Events

How To Play SkyBlock Java

Head into the multiplayer section of Minecraft Java. Direct connect to the server address skyblock.archonhq.net and you're done! Start your adventure on the SkyBlock realm of your choice.

Item Kits

If you want to boost your experience on the skyblock, you can get item kits from the store and in the game. Here are some of the top kits available:

  • Mob Farm Kit: Progressing on SkyBlock Minecraft Servers and need the gear to build a mob farm? The mob farm kit contains spawner crate keys, stacks of chests as well as water, lava and other items needed to make a good mob farm. Mob farms are a great way to earn money in the game and can be used to purchase other items such as enchantments.
  • Grinder Kit: This kit is aimed at grinding all the monsters that you can build on your island. There's a sword with looting V and top end enchantments, along with an armour set that is also high end. Paired with some potions and a pickaxe, it is your go to when building gear for grinding.
  • Slayer Kit: This kit is filled with golden apples, an axe designed for war, potions, a sword and an armor set. The skull splitter mcMMO ability turns your axe into a powerful weapon. Head into the arena and you are likely to come out victorious with this deadly combination.
  • Miner Kit: This is a simple kit with all the gear you need to go mining. It includes a good pickaxe, sword, armor set and potions. Mining is a big part of skyblock, with areas such as the adventures world perfect for a good mining trip.
  • Spawner Kit: Mob spawners are one of the most fun parts of all good skyblock servers. Show off your wealth with a large-scale farm and earn money by selling the drops to the shop. Level up and become the strongest island of the season!
iron golem spawner in minecraft

Can You Play SkyBlock For Free?

Yes! It is available as a map, but the most common option is a Minecraft server. They are free to play and contain dozens of extra mods not available in the map version. Not only that, but you can play with friends and trade with each other. Take part in community events and work your way through hundreds of hours of new content.

chicken minecraft spawner on the skyblock server

What Minecraft Servers Have SkyBlock?

TheArchon has not only one but three skyblock servers. There's the origin realm, chaos and genesis. It is one of the largest Minecraft servers with skyblock, with hundreds of playing online at one time. The server IP is skyblock.archonhq.net. Join now!

Minecraft SkyBlock Videos

TheArchon Minecraft SkyBlock GamePlay