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Minecraft Classic Prison Servers [2022] Guide

Classic prison servers represent the old-school style of gameplay which has been around since the invention of the game mode. Grab your pickaxe and head into the mines.. can you escape the jail?

Classic Prison Servers

Normal prison servers offer much more traditional gameplay compared to OP prison servers. Instead of shredding through the mines with 100x strength pickaxes, enjoy a more old-school exprience. Focus on escaping the prison and mining your way to the end without any distractions.

Minecraft Server With Prison Escape

The aim of this classic game is to escape from prison. You spawn inside a block which contains a huge mine for you to go to work in. Earn enough money from mining and rankup your character. There are dozens of levels to beat in order to escape from prison and reach the free world.

diamond ores in minecraft classic prison

Old School Prison Server IP

Play the best Minecraft prison servers by going to multiplayer and using Direct Connect -> prison.archonhq.net.

They work on the latest version of the game, including the 1.19 update, and are regularly updated with new features and worlds to explore.

Things To Do On Classic Prison

  • Upgrade your tools and create a trusty tool set
  • Work in the mines with your friends
  • Complete jobs to earn in-game money
  • Upgrade your cell / plot with your own home
  • Battle other players in the arena
jail mine on classic prison

Who Is Prison For?

Prison brings levels and progression to a game which is typically about creativity. While it has always been more about survival and exploration, prison brings the game into a new genre. Many enjoy the levels which the mines provides, as well as the measurable progress similar to games such as those in the puzzle genre.

prisoner on classic minecraft prison

Minecraft Prison Challenge Ideas

  • Mine without a pickaxe
  • Battle in the arena without a chestplate
  • Escape the prison without dying
  • Build a cell plot out of blocks from the mines
  • Deal the most damage to a boss monster receive the loot
  • Catch all the pets available
  • Prestige without enchanting your tools

Can You Play Classic Prison With Friends?

Yes! They are multiplayer games by design, making it easy to play with friends. Share the server address with your friends and party up together. Mine together, build your plot as one and see who can escape the jail first. Battle against enemy teams or hardened monsters in the arenas, or fish together for special prizes.

Last Updated: July 15, 2022