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Outlands: Play Minecraft Gun Servers Guide

Outlands has been on TheArchon since 2019. As we continue to explore all the different Minecraft servers available, today we'll look at the guns servers. Read the guide and join thousands of players that enjoy this game mode every day.

Minecraft Servers With Guns IP

Play online in a massive multiplayer network with hundreds of other players. The guns servers are on the Outlands game modes.

Join the server address:

  1. Open Minecraft: Java Edition
  2. Multiplayer
  3. Add Server

Server Name: Minecraft Guns
Server Address: guns.archonhq.net

  1. Join And Start Playing The Minecraft Server
Welcome players minecraft

Unique Features On The Outlands Server

  • Vehicles
  • Building & Raiding
  • Middle Biome (Exclusive location)
  • Caves
  • Particles
  • Guns
  • Reputation
  • Clans
  • Duels PvP
  • Custom Recipe
  • Custom Helmets
  • Attachment Table
  • Recycler
  • Research Table
  • Game Attributes
  • Game Backpacks
  • Game Corpses
  • Game Tierlock

Is It Safe To Play On A Minecraft Server?

If you choose to play on one of the top networks, it is highly likely to be a safe community to join in with. The best Minecraft servers have rules, community moderators and are operated by reputable providers. Minecraft multiplayer servers with 1000 or more online are likely to be run by companies and safe for players of all ages. They are perfectly safe to play on as millions enjoy them every year.

Minecraft Servers With Guns

Is Minecraft Going To Add Guns?

As Minecraft is a family friendly game intended for players of all ages, it is unlikely that guns will be added. However, with the help of custom mods and plugins, multiplayer games can add them to a Minecraft server. This lets you experience guns in the game without needing to modify your game or download any mods or addons.

Minecraft Servers With Mods

Minecraft Servers With Cars

Play Outlands to unlock a range of vehicles in the game. Head into the PvE environment and drive around while travelling around the map. Get vehicles from military barrels, loot crates, quests crates, tier crates and supply drops.

Gun Servers For Minecraft PC

Open your Java edition account on Minecraft PC. Head to the multiplayer section of your client to add the network. Input the following server name "Gun Server" and address guns.archonhq.net. Start playing the game and PvP with guns and weapons!

custom features on minecraft gun servers

Can You Put Guns On A Minecraft Server?

Yep. The best Minecraft servers such as TheArchon have guns available to play with a simple resource pack. This means there are no installations, mods or changes required to your Minecraft client. The alternative, mods, do not work on normal Minecraft servers.

Are There Minecraft Java Servers With Guns?

Yes! Outlands has a gun system with 12 different weapons. There are snipers, rifles, SMGs, pistols and more. Battle in clans and through the Duels PVP system. Unlock vehicles to travel around the map and go city to city looting items. Join with the server address guns.archonhq.net.

Minecraft guns servers

Building & Raiding

Start the game with a small base. To protect it, you need to use reinforcements in order to be victorious over your enemies. Use blocks to fortify your base and loot guns and weapons from nearby cities. There is also C 4 which you can use to raid other players! Will you reach the top?

Prefer a more casual gameplay experience? Try out the Minecraft skyblock servers as there is no raiding. Start with a small island and turn it into a huge world of your own making. Team up with other players and build a base together.


Team up with other players to form groups of clans. Play together with your friends and build a strong base together. Get a resources warehouse to earn clan points and compete in the payouts. Take advantage of all the recruitment features to form a strong group!

Best Gun Servers In Minecraft

Outlands is one of the minecraft servers available to join on TheArchon. It adds guns, pvp and a range of custom features to play with. Add TheArchon to your server list with the IP guns.archonhq.net.

Outlands theArchon tutorial

How To Get The Minecraft Guns Servers?

Open your Minecraft client and go to the Multiplayer menu. Add server with the name "TheArchon" and server IP guns.archonhq.net. Ensure that you are playing on the correct version of Minecraft for the game. It is custom made and adds lots of PvP, guns and ranks for you to unlock. Join the multiplayer battle today. Will you find a clan to join up with? There are other game modes available too including minecraft prison servers.


In order to welcome new players and help them become established, there is a reputation system in play. If you are new to the game, you will have a 'Peaceful' tag above your name while you begin to understand it. Players that kill new players will receive negative reputation points and your tag will be changed to Villain! This will result in your location being shared with all online players. Hunt villains to receive positive points.