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Minecraft Hub Servers Guide [2022]

Minecraft multiplayer allows you to play on servers with different kinds of games. On a hub server, these are all under one roof. Learn more about Minecraft hub servers and get started in this guide.

What Is A Hub Server In Minecraft?

A hub server in Minecraft is a network which contains various different games. From prison Minecraft servers to creative mode, there's lots of types available. When you login to a hub server, you spawn inside a lobby world. This is often referred to as a hub which is where the name comes from.

minecraft hub server house

How Do You Join A Minecraft Hub?

A minecraft hub server can be defined as one with multiple games. Make sure that you pick a server with a catalogue of different ones to choose from! Complete the following instructions to start playing:

  1. Open Minecraft
  2. Multiplayer
  3. Direct Connect (enter the server address here) e.g. skyblock.archonhq.net


There's all kinds of games which you can play on a hub server. When you join, you will land inside a lobby hub.

Sky games: Games like Minecraft servers with skyblock give you a small island in the sky. Complete quests and challenges to expand your base. Reach big milestones like creating a sustainable food source, adventuring in the nether, or even teaming up to make a huge world.

Action servers in Minecraft: If you like a more fast-paced game, choose one like the rust Minecraft servers. Gear up and build a weapons arsenal, while using new items like turrets to defend your base. Go up against other teams to reign supreme over the land.

Prison: In prison, you start in block A and complete tasks to eventually the escape the jail. Mine, take part in events, build a plot and battle other players to rise to the top. Compete against others to be at the top of the prestige leaderboard.

hub server in minecraft

Minecraft Hub Server Features

  • Play multiple games on one server address
  • Party up with friends to seamlessly play different genres
  • One server can provide hours more fun than normal
  • Earn coins and rewards on some servers, which can transfer to all games, making it even more rewarding
  • There is no limit as to how many games can be on one server
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Hub Minecraft Server IP

Play all the top rated Minecraft games on the server address skyblock.archonhq.net. It is always updated to the latest version and there's lots of games to choose from. Join now.

Last Updated: September, 8th 2022