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Minecraft Mining Servers Guide

With these game modes the main objective is mining. The A-Z mines provide hours of mining in Minecraft prison. Work your way through the game, unlocking new tools and bigger mines. Take advantage of new enchantments exclusive to multiplayer. Read the guide and join the Minecraft mining servers now.

What Are The Mining Minecraft Servers Called?

Minecraft prison servers are the game mode in Minecraft known for mining. There's over 26 mines from A-Z, as well as prestige mines and premium mines. Unlock custom enchantments and unique features to enhance your experience. Join the large community with hundreds of other players for the most fun. Mine together and work together to beat all the objectives.

Minecraft Mining Servers

Minecraft Mining Servers IP

It is prison.archonhq.net. Start mining at the start of the game and grind your way to the top. Add it to your Minecraft client in the multiplayer menu and join to start playing. Make sure you are on the latest version of Minecraft.

Can You Mine Through Bedrock?

Nope! It is not possible to mine bedrock in the survival mode of Minecraft. If you have cheats on, you can break through the world in creative mode.

Mines on Minecraft Servers

Box Mining

The large play areas on mining Minecraft servers are made up of box mines. They regularly reset while giving you ample space to mine freely. Unlock special items such as MineBombs to clear even larger areas in the game. Players can rank up through the game to unlock new box mines with different materials and settings. From candy prison to medieval mines, there's all kinds of areas to be explored.

How To Mine The Best In Minecraft?

  • Want specific materials? Fill up your inventory slots with one each of the item you want to mine. This will allow you to filter items and only pick up the specific resource you are trying to collect.
  • Use the custom features: New enchantments that can help you mine quicker and easier are available on Minecraft servers such as TheArchon. Dozens of new upgrades are available for pickaxes.
  • Take advantage of potions: Effects such as night vision can be beneficial while inside the deep mines, by allowing you to see in the areas without any natural light.
OP Prison Minecraft Mining

What Is The Server Address For Minecraft Prison Mining?

Server Address: prison.archonhq.net.

Server Name: Minecraft Prison Servers.

Pickaxes Available In Minecraft Prison

Sandstone Mines In Minecraft

OP Mining

OP Prison takes mining to the next level. You can break thousands of blocks in no time at all and fill up your inventory very quickly. Sell all the loot for money on the multiplayer economy. Use it to upgrade your plots and tools and unlock new areas of the server.

Overpowered pickaxes have been known to reach levels such as efficiency 100! Play online now to experience the OP Prison server with the IP address: prison.archonhq.net. What tools will you be able to unlock through your prison gameplay?