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Prison Break Minecraft Servers: How To [2022]

Escape from the mines and explore the free world in this fun Minecraft multiplayer game. In this guide, you'll learn more about the game and see how to get started.

Prison Break Adventure Map

On Minecraft prison servers, you start at block A. Beat the mine and harvest the resources to unlock the second block, A. Continue working through all the different blocks until you reach the final Z mine. From there, you can break out of the prison and explore the free survival world.

Go up against other players on the leaderboards and take on the prestige series of mines. Will you beat everyone else and become the highest ranking player?

There's also pets, new enchantments and fun new unlocks like candy to work your way towards.

What Are Good Minecraft Prison Break Servers?

TheArchon is one of the top ranked prison servers. Enjoy all the top favorites available on prison break today. Get started on this free-to-play Minecraft game using the latest 1.19 version.

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Features To Expect

  • Blocks to mine
  • Enchanting / library area
  • Multiplayer battle arena
  • Pets to unlock
  • Boss arenas to fight hardened monsters
  • Mmo skills to level up and reap rewards from
  • Candy to grow and use for bonuses
  • Freeworld once you have completed the prison break

How To Play Prison Break:

When you first start, focus on mining and getting through the first mine. You will quickly learn how to navigate the game and make money. When you are able to, a plot is a great idea to store your items. Meet other players in the plot world and see what kind of items everyone has!

As you become more experience at prison break, check out the other kinds of features that are available to you. Ready to accompany you on your journey are pets, pet armor as well as new kinds of tools and items.

If you want to have even more fun, why not invite a friend to play with you? Mine alongside each other and try out all that there is to experience. Taking down a lethal monster is much more victorious when you are with a friend. Trade enchantments and work to unlock the best sets of gear that are available. Or, compete and see who can escape to the free world first!

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Keep an eye on the different kinds of leaderboards that are available. These will become more useful towards the end game, where you will want to see how you stack up in comparison to other players. There are lots of leaderboards including one for block top, which shows who has mined the best blocks. Prestiging is more rewarding when you see your name at the top of the prestiges! No matter which style of gameplay you prefer, there is likely a leaderboard that you will enjoy working on.

Minecraft Prison Break Multiplayer IP

To get started in under 30 seconds, complete the following steps: Open Minecraft > Multiplayer > Direct Connect: prison.archonhq.net

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