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Best Minecraft Prison Enchantments [2022]

If you're looking for all the best enchantments that you can unlock on Minecraft prison, we've got all the information you need. In this article, we'll show you all the top enchantments from the highest level 4 tier.

Bait Hoarder

Applicable to Fishing Rods, the Bait Hoarder gives you a chance that your bait will not be used when casting your rod. This can help you save resources, which are key for your adventure on the Minecraft prison servers.


Need an extra hand in combat? This enchantment will spawn in blazes which are usually found in the Nether world. Attack your opponent with a guardian by your side.


If you could choose any superpower, many would choose an invisibility cloak. The Boo enchantment brings it to life in Minecraft. Shift & Right-Click to become invisible for 3 seconds at a time!

prisoner in minecraft server


When battling those with high level armor, it can be hard to deal significiant damage. This enchantments deals increased armor damage, which can increase the chance of you breaking it! If you are able to successfully break an enemies armor piece, they will become a much easier target.


Remember remember.. this enchantment! Levitate your opponent into the air for up to 3 seconds at a time with the Firework enchant. It can be applied to your helmets & skull items.

Fishers Luck

Increase your chances of catching pouches, keys and other rewards which are in rotation.

minecraft prison jail mine

Fishing Party

For those that love community events, the fishing party enchant gives you a chance to start a fishing party. Hip-hip hooray!


Elon Musk would surely approve of this one. Shoot three fireball projectiles with your sword using the flamethrower enchantment. Not only does it look fire, but it could be great in combat if you need to distract your enemies or escape a tough situation.

Head Turner

If you like to annoy the enemy, the head turner enchant is the one for you. When in battle, it gives you a chacne to turn your opponent's head in a random direction whent hey hit you. This could throw them out of balance and make them confused, allowing you to get in vital hits.

minecraft jurassic bird

Heart Breaker

Apply this enchantment to your swords to block resistance on your enemies.


Bow-boosting is a common tactic used by many in the battle arena to speed up. This enchantment will stop that happening for 10 seconds. However, that's not all, it will also prevent ender pearling!

Life Steal

The Life Steal enchantment gives you the chance to rob health from your enemies and apply it yourself. Win-win!


If you've ever wanted to play god, this enchant gives you the perfect chance. Harness the power of meteors to strike nearby enemies when you health is low and you need an escape. It will knock them backwards as well as blind them!


Love the archery aspect of Minecraft? This enchantment is the one you need. The greater the distance to your target, the more damage you will be able to deal.


Extra enderpearl when crouched for 2 seconds with the teleporter enchant.

Web Spinner

Trap your enemies by spawning a web underneath them. It will slow their movements and allow you to deal more damage while they cannot escape. If you are close to death, this enchant will help you to escape instead!


Rage makes it possible to deal slightly more damage to monsters with each hit. This can be helpful for grinding spawners away from the prison, or going up against them in the boss arena.


Create a spark that sets your enemies on fire with this enchant. It will also slow them down!


This enchantment gives you a chance to regain golden apples when you eat them. Unlike other top level enchants, it can be applied to a wide range of armor pieces.

Last Updated: Sep 24, 2022