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Minecraft Prison: How to build

While the game is based around escaping from Minecraft jail, there's also plenty of opportunities to take advantage of the core part of Minecraft: building. Learn more about the best ways to progress through the game and build on the servers.

Minecraft Prison Plot


The most popular form of building on Minecraft prison servers is with plots. They are large plots of land which are created just for you and neighbour all the other players in the world!

There are plot themes available on many servers:

Empty Plot: "Use your imagination to create massive and wonderful creations to your heart's contents with this clear plot"

Glacier Plot: "Make yourself at home in between two great snowy arches with this large ice-themed starter plot"

Nether Plot: "Bring a slice of the underworld to your own personal plot with this sharp & powerful nether-themed starter plot"

Candy Land Plot: "Come eat out in your personal candy land! Enjoy the bright theme and chocolate Oreo mountain in the candy land themed plot"

Prison Servers Plot

Forest Plot: "Enjoy your own personal forest with this spacious wood-themed starter plot"

Desert Plot: "Control your own desert utopia among the rocky, dusty terrain in this desert-themed starter plot!"

You can visit other plots with server warps and invite other players so that you can team up while building.

Buildings on Prison Minecraft Servers

Building With Friends

You can build with other players from throughout the entire Minecraft community. Team up with other players and combine your resources to create mega bases, builds or simple projects. On many prison minecraft servers, this is achieved through the use of commands.

Plot Commands

/p - Plot management menu

/p create - Create a plot

/p home - Teleport home

/p top - View the top plots

/p topchat - View the top plats in the chat

/p kick <player> - Kick a player from your plot

/p ban <player> - Ban a player from your plot

/p warp <player> - Visit another player's plot

/p flags - Manage your plot flags

/p vault - Open your shared plot vault

/p bank <deposit/withdraw/balance> [amount] - Interact with your plot bank account

/p value - View all plot value contributors

/p coop <player> - Grant a player coop access to your plot

/p uncoop <player> - Remove a player's coop access to your plot

/p settime <time> - Set the time of day for your plot

/p name <new name> - Set a custom name for your plot

Minecraft Wood Dock

Items From The Minecraft Shop

To obtain a wide range of blocks for building in minecraft prison, you can use the money you earn in the economy in the item shop. Buy all items ranging from leaves to cauldrons. The handy menu allows you to buy items in bulk which you can put straight into your plot on the prison server.

Alternatively, you can also farm blocks from the mines. These will be much more limited though in comparison.

Minecraft Prison Servers Building

What Should I Create?

As the game is Minecraft after all, the opportunities are almost infinite. Prison is one of the game modes where the purpose behind building is more aesthetic, in comparison to games like factions where you need to fortify your defences.

Create anything from lighthouses to sculptures; to simple chest storage areas. But it is a minecraft server with prison after all, so maybe something to aid you in your adventure would be beneficial.