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Minecraft PvP Servers Guide

PvP means player-vs-player. Battle against players in Minecraft on the PvP servers. Compete for loot, leaderboard positions and more. The classic 1.8 combat is most popular on the majority of Minecraft servers in 2022! Read the guide and start now.

What Is Minecraft PvP?

It is when you battle against another player and it stands for player-vs-player. Minecraft battles can last from just a few seconds up to minutes for a 1v1 fight. There's team gamemodes, wagers, duels and more too! It is common to see it on all kinds of game modes including Minecraft skyblock servers, survival, factions and more.

PvP On Minecraft Servers

Minecraft PvP Servers Address

It is skyblock.archonhq.net. Choose a game mode such as Factions, SkyBlock, Prison or Outlands to get started. The minecraft combat version is 1.18, while the server supports all the latest clients including 1.18. Open your Minecraft, head to multiplayer and add the server address to join and start your adventure today.

Fireworks in Minecraft

How Does Minecraft PvP Work?

Your character usually has 10 hearts. Different tools such as swords and bows deal damage and can result in you falling. With the right tools and armor, fights can last for minutes at a time. There's special items such as golden apples which can quickly replenish your health and help you fight for longer. It is a popular genre on Minecraft servers with some gamemodes such as Factions being all about raiding and battle!

Diamond Armor in Minecraft

Anti Cheat

Many of the best Minecraft servers offer a form of anti-cheat which is on the server side. Due to the way that the game communicates between clients and servers, it is possible for low-skilled players to use cheats to gain an advantage. Anti cheat helps to prevent this by detecting movement and abilities which should not be possible. In some cases, cheaters can be automatically banned from the server network.

Beginner's Tips

  • Get used to combat: If you haven't fought in the game before, you could start out by going up against monsters. Get used to swinging your sword and aiming with the bow. As you become more skilled, there's boss mobs on servers such as TheArchon which are harder to fight.
  • Make sure you have the right gear: The PvP arenas on gamemodes such as prison Minecraft servers do not set a limit to what gear you can take into the arena. With events such as King of the Hill taking place, there is plenty of reason to take your best gear. It is best not to head into the arena unprepared, as you might make for an easy kill. Cosmetic mods such as Optifine have a zoom function, so you can see what type of gear your enemies have before you get close!
  • Team up: In many of the arena game modes, you can team up to try and win the loot. Create a team and try to capture the outposts! These are areas where different factions fight for control in order to win the loot. Don't get caught out in a 3v1 battle!
Minecraft King Of The Hill

Minecraft PvP Servers With Guns

Want to head into battle with assault riles, pistols, machine guns and more? Play the Minecraft gun servers and experience combat in a way like never before. There are no mods required, just a server-side texture pack which is added automatically when you join the server.

Minecraft PvP Battle

What Is The PvP Server IP?