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Minecraft Raiding Servers Guide [2022]

Plunder enemy bases on the Minecraft raiding servers and become the strongest faction in the game. Learn more about raids in this guide and get started.

Raiding Minecraft Servers

Raiding games such as Minecraft factions servers have always been one of the most popular games in multiplayer. Come together with a team of players to create what is referred to as a "faction".

The more members in a faction, the more power it is given. Power is used to claim land. If members die or leave, power is reduced, leaving the possibility for enemies to claim over land.

This is where the raiding comes in! TNT cannons can be used to shoot into enemy territory and gain access to their base. Once inside, you can kill members if they are online to reduce their power.

If a factions power becomes lower than its land, it can be overclaimed by another faction. This is how raids can result in you losing your base in factions! Not to mention, when raiding you can also loot valuable items like spawners.

How to Play:

  1. Open Minecraft
  2. Multiplayer
  3. Direct Connect: prison.archonhq.net


Spawners: Monster spawners are a key symbol of wealth on raiding servers in Minecraft. When used in your base, they can help to farm items which can be sold for money. This can add up into the millions and creates the most amount of money on factions. However, if an enemy raids your base, you could lose them.

Custom Enchants: While Minecraft comes with a great set of enchantments, they are not very powerful. On factions, you can obtain a whole new set of enchants for your tools, weapons and armor. They can help with defence, raids or ensuring that you never lose a battle.

enchantments in minecraft factions

Obsidian: If you don't defend your base, you risk making it too easy for your enemies! Obsidian is the strongest block for defence and is modified on most factions server. Many factions will assign team members to not only mine obsidian, but also add it to the base walls.

Gen Buckets: Gone are the old times of factions which consisted of layering walls for days at a time. Gen buckets make the process of defending your base much easier. When you use a gen bucket, it will help you to generate walls around your base. The top factions may have walls which go for hundreds of blocks!

minecraft factions player diamond

Minecraft Rules For Servers

While factions does have more trash talk than other games, there are still rules to follow. It is important to remember to follow these at all times. They can be read in-game on any factions server by running the command /rules.

Minecraft Factions Server IP Address

Get started on the raiding servers by joining a Minecraft server network and selecting factions. Add the following details in your game:

  • Server Name: Factions Raiding
  • Server Address: prison.archonhq.net
diamond helmet in minecraft

Last Updated: August 23, 2022