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Minecraft Rank Up Servers List [2022]

On Minecraft rank up servers, you work your way through different levels and earn new ranks. In this guide, we'll see which servers are available and how to get started.

Minecraft Rank Up Server

Minecraft rankup servers involve completing tasks in order to receive a new rank in the game. It may unlock new areas, character badges or other perks like a money bonus! These are especially popular on Minecraft prison servers, where you start at rank A and work your way up to Z.

What Are Minecraft Servers Ranks?

Ranks are a hugely popular element within the multiplayer section of the game. Depending on the server, they can symbolize trophies, status or progress. They can be identified next to your name in the multiplayer chat or in the multiplayer player list. They may be obtained from a freemium addon, levelling up, gifted or even purchased with in-game economy.

ores on minecraft prison

Level Up Servers

  • Prison (ranking up systems)
  • SkyBlock (battle-pass style levels)
  • Factions (ranks)

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Is It Safe To Join Random Minecraft Servers?

It is always a good idea to be careful when playing online games. Reputable providers are often reviewed by players in the form of server listing websites. These rank servers by the number of votes they have received in that month. It is safe to assume that the highest ranking servers are generally safe to play on.

prisoner on level up server in minecraft

How To Rank Up Fast On Prison

Prison is one of the most popular games with rank ups. Here are some top tips to rank up faster:

  • Always mine in the highest ranking mine you have unlocked
  • Purchase custom enchantments to create better equiped tools & armor
  • Win the rare Boss Crate Key by taking on hardened monsters in the arena
  • Pets can be used to earn money, tokens & experience to help with ranking up
  • Use all available boosters such as candies, which can help you earn more experience

Minecraft Servers With Levels

Playing on servers with levels provides structure in Minecraft, which many players enjoy a lot. Rather than taking on different tasks at your own pace, it can give you a list of tasks to help progress through the game. Reaching milestones provides fun new perks which make the grind well wortwhile.

trees in minecraft prison mine

What Can Be Unlocked On Level Up Servers?

  • New areas to explore with other players
  • Special, exclusive enchantments
  • Overpowered perks like extra team slots
  • Player boosters to earn more coins
  • New mines with better ores

Last Updated: August 18, 2022