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Minecraft Servers FAQ: Questions Answered

In this article, we'll be answering lots of common questions that you may have about playing on TheArchon & Minecraft Servers! Read the guide and start playing the games today.

How To Play SkyBlock With Friends?

  1. Open Minecraft: Java Edition
  2. Multiplayer
  3. Add Server (e.g. skyblock.archonhq.net)
  4. When Online, Team Up On SkyBlock

How To Do A Cobblestone Generator?

Cobblestone generators usually start with a small generator that allows you to break one cobblestone infinitely. To create a cobblestone generator, do the following steps:

  1. Dig blocks in a 1x4 pattern
  2. On the second block, dig down 1 block
  3. Place a block on the third block, it will be replaced by the cobblestone
  4. Place a water block in the first block and lava in the fourth
  5. Break the third block and cobblestone will generate!
play minecraft skyblock with friends

What Is A Minecraft Prison Server?

Minecraft prison servers create a jail game offering within Minecraft. Start at the A block and mine your way to freedom, aka the Z block. Along the way, take part in multiplayer events such as boss battles for extra loot. Build your own outpost within the prison on your own plot. Team up with other players to reach the top of the leaderboards!

What is The Archon Server IP?

It is skyblock.archonhq.net. Play SkyBlock, Prison, Factions, Outlands, Robbery and more. Use the latest version of Minecraft for the best compatibility.

How To Make A Faction In Minecraft?

First of all, join the Minecraft factions server with the IP address: factions.archonhq.net. Start playing by joining the factions realm that suits you. Once online, utilitise the /f commands to create a faction. To create a faction, run the command /f create <factionname>. Invite members by using commands such as /f invite <playername>.

factions on minecraft servers lobby

What Do You Do In SkyBlock?

Follow a gameplay path on the skyblock Minecraft servers that suits you. If you are a competitive player, the appeal of the island & balance leaderboards may be of interest to you. Earn money and level up to work your way through the rankings. With regular realm updates and refreshes, it is possible for newer players to compete against those that have been playing for much longer.

Prefer casual gameplay? Build out your island similar to other popular games such as animal crossing. Create tools that automatically smelt items and team up with other players to work on new island buildings. Go fishing, explore the adventure worlds and more. Use your money to unlock exclusive items which are only available on the best Minecraft servers!

There is no typical end game to skyblock, but there are all sorts of statistics and quests to measure your progress. The multiplayer version of skyblock adds all kinds of new features to keep the game fresh.

How To Make Jail In Minecraft?

When playing on the Minecraft servers with prisons, you can escape from the prison and make a jail in your plot. With all the prison mechanics that the server provides, it is one of the best ways to create a realistic jail in Minecraft. There is also the option to roleplay other elements of prison with the thousands of other players that regularly play the game!

custom robots in minecraft

What Minecraft Servers Have SkyBlock?

Many of the top Minecraft servers offer the skyblock gamemode in various forms. TheArchon, Hypixel & OneBlock are three of the most popular Minecraft servers with it. Start playing by using the multiplayer direct connect feature to join skyblock.archonhq.net to start playing them!

How To Get A Pet In SkyBlock?

Visit the Pet Master in the lobby or run the command /pocketpets to spin the wheel. You have the chance to obtain a random pocket pet, pet exp booster or a pet treat. Alternatively, you can purchase pets directly from the petting zoo tab. They can be upgraded to further help you on your skyblock journey.

How To Get To Outlands?

  1. Join TheArchon with the server address guns.archonhq.net.
  2. Choose Outlands from the server lobby
  3. Start playing

What Minecraft Server Does F1nn5ter Play On?

F1nn5ter commonly plays on TheArchon and has recorded lots of videos on the Minecraft server network. See some of his videos on the server here:

TheArchon & F1nnster Minecraft Server

How To Reset SkyBlock?

From your skyblock island, run the command /is reset. Follow the prompt to reset your island. Please note that you will lose your island and may lose items too. This will be detailed in-game. Create a new island using the /is create command.

How To Progress In SkyBlock?

Read the Minecraft skyblock servers guide to learn more about skyblock, including how to progress, level up and all of the features that are available in the game. Use it as a one-stop guide to learn everything about the game mode!

castle on minecraft servers prison

How To Join A Minecraft Server?

  1. Open Minecraft
  2. Go To Multiplayer
  3. Add Server
  4. Input the server address
  5. Join it to start playing

Last Updated: Apr 15, 2022