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Learn how to join our server and start playing in 30 seconds
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Minecraft War Servers Guide

Head onto Outlands and build bases and raid enemies with new weapons. Play factions and compete to become the largest clan on the Minecraft server. Read the guide and choose a war server to play now.

What Are The Best War Servers In Minecraft?

Factions: Factions is one of the classic Minecraft game modes that has been around for a while. There are no changes to your Minecraft client, so it is very compatible with all types of clients and versions. You can start or join a faction and then head into the open world. Setup a base and gather resources. Take advantage of TNT cannons to shoot at enemies and go to war. Raid their loot and reach the top of the leaderboards!

Outlands: An exclusive game mode to TheArchon, the Minecraft gun servers contain all types of new weapons and blocks to go into war with. There's vehicles, duels for war, clans, caves and new areas for you to explore. If you are looking for a completely new type of Minecraft that you may have not seen before, Outlands is a great choice.

Minecraft War IP

It is war.archonhq.net. To add the server address to your Minecraft, open the game and head to the multiplayer section. Start playing by adding it under the "add server" option. Set the name as TheArchon and you are done! Join the community of Minecraft servers.

Minecraft Servers With Guns

Outlands adds a range of new weapons to Minecraft. These are available without any mods or changes to your client, just a resource pack which you are prompted to enable when you join the server.

Open your Minecraft -> Multiplayer -> Add Server ->

Server Name: Outlands

Server Address: guns.archonhq.net (March 2022)

Java Minecraft Wars Server

Fight over territory and build up bases on the Minecraft factions server. Overpower your enemies by exploding their base and looting their top items. Overclaim their territory and become a more powerful clan. Unlock new items on the Minecraft servers and fight to control the most land. This is available on the Java Edition version of Minecraft, which has been popular since 2011.

How To Connect To Minecraft Server IP?

  1. Required: Minecraft Java account
  2. Open the game
  3. Find and go into the multiplayer menu
  4. Select a server IP and add it under the "Add Server" section
  5. Done! Join the server to connect

Beginner's Tips

There are areas created by the server that are great for beginners to get started with. For example, there are caves on Outlands where you can get extra ores to upgrade your base and enhancing your crafting abilities. Caves also contain outpost altars which provide a resource buff! Vote for the server daily to get an extra boost in items and resources. Join the server discord and take party in community events.

Minecraft Nations At War Servers

Factions is all about the power struggle of controlling the limited amount of land in the game. Blow up enemy bases and get their monster spawners for your own base. Build overpowered weapons using the custom enchantments and form large clans. There are prizes for the top factions on the server, so there is heavy competition to become the most powerful. Will you form allies? Or enemies? Head onto the Minecraft server and get started today.