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New Minecraft Servers 2022

Today we'll look at the newest Minecraft servers for you to play. See the IP address and all the new game modes if you are looking for a new server to join. Plus, see some of the latest features available. Have you seen them all before? Read now.

How To Find New Minecraft Servers?

Join one of the largest Minecraft server networks and check out all the game modes that are on offer. They are all separate servers with different objectives, features, mechanics and more. You are sure to find a new server that you will enjoy playing!

New Minecraft Server Players

New Minecraft 1.18 Server IP

skyblock.archonhq.net. There are new servers such as Outlands (Minecraft Gun Servers), skyblock, prison, survival and more. The survival server has just been updated to the 1.18 version. Play now on the latest version of Minecraft for the best experience!

Will There Be A New Minecraft Game?

There are currently no plans for a new Minecraft game. However, all the Minecraft games still receive regular updates. Even though Java Edition came out in 2021, it just received the massive caves & cliffs update! This is the same as bedrock edition which also receives regular update. Would you like to see a new Minecraft game? What do you think it would include?

New Features On Minecraft Servers

Features You Might Not Have Seen Before

  • High Value Trader: Available on the survival towny servers, this specialist trader is available at the server spawn. He will purchase items from you for a much higher price than usual, perfect for levelling up and unlocking new items! The items change every 3 days.
  • Trophies: Available on the skyblock servers, you can purchase trophies in the mob shop. This is a shop with a different currency compared to what you might have seen before. Craft your own trophy pieces using basic trophies and mobcoin heads. Run the /mobtrophy command for information on values and crafting recipes.
  • The Machine: Research and craft overpowered items. Before crafting an item, you need to research it and unlock the recipe. It will be automatically added to the machine when it finishes researching. Upgrade your machine by crafting the lower-tiered recipes, which will in turn unlock better recipes.

What's The New Minecraft Server?

The latest release one of the best Minecraft servers is Factions. Go to war against your enemies and create allies that will last through the seasons. There's multiple game modes to choose from and hundreds of players to go up against. Battle over land shoot TNT cannons into enemy territory. Will you rise to the top of the leaderboards?

Factions Minecraft Raiding

Will Minecraft Be Discontinued?

It is highly unlikely that Minecraft will be discontinued! Minecraft recently hit 1 trillion views on YouTube and still receives regular updates with new blocks, items and mobs. Both Java & Bedrock server editions are still enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of players each year. Since being acquired by Microsoft the game has expanded with new offshoots including Minecraft dungeons. It remains one of the most successful games of all time.

New USA Minecraft Flag