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OP Prison Servers Minecraft Guide

Everything is over the top on OP Prison. The tools, the mines, the enchants and the competition. Do you think you have what it takes to reach the top of the Minecraft prison servers?

What Is OP Prison?

OP Prison takes the classic prison minecraft servers games and makes it overpowered. The custom enchants, prestige levels, bosses, tools and more are all much bigger compared to the classic game which first appeared as a Minecraft map many years ago.

Head into huge prison mines with new and exciting themes, such as candy and even jurassic! Mine alongside dinosaurs, levelling up your tools and grinding your way to prestige. Co-operate with other players to take down hard bosses and put your premium pickaxes to good use.

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OP Prison MC Server Tips

  • Don't ignore the amazing features: You may be tempted to stick to a more traditional minecraft prison servers experience, but there is plenty of new things to do on op prison. There's new pet armor, candies, minebombs and more to explore and unlock.
  • Join a community: Clans and crews are common on the prison servers. While playing on a large server such as TheArchon, you can meet lots of new like-minded players. Team up and go mining together, battle in KitPvP, or even explore new servers such as the skyblock Minecraft servers!
  • Take advantage of custom items: Use your EXP you gain from mining and other activities to buy custom enchantments. These are just like normal Minecraft enchantments, but are of different types and have different perks. Take advantage of this overpowered feature to level up your mining.

OP Prison Servers For Minecraft

TheArchon is one of the first prison servers to offer a top OP Prison experience. It is regularly voted on the top page of the server list and offers many different games to play. It supports all versions of Minecraft so you can play with the version and resource packs that you prefer. With a dedicated development team, it has all the top features that may not be available on smaller servers.

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Playing Minecraft Prison Online

Best Minecraft OP Prison Server

Played by many YouTubers and regularly voted as one of the best, the prison servers on TheArchon are considered by many to be one of the best. Play with over one thousand others online together and work your way to the top of the economy. Collect and farm candies to get special rewards which you can use in events such as king of the hill. Battle for control of the outpost and escape from the A - Z ranking system. Will you reach prestige 200?

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What Is The IP Address?

OP prison server address is prison.archonhq.net. You can play using Minecraft 1.18 or the desired version of your choice. PvP is based on 1.8 combat for the most popular experience. There are regular updates, bringing new features that are regularly requested by players.