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Prison Minecraft Servers: 5 Tips For Your First Session

Starting out your adventure on the Minecraft prison servers? Looking for some tips to work your way to the top? Here's 5 to help you get started. Read now and start playing the popular game today!

1) Pay Attention To Other Players

You can learn a lot on multiplayer games by watching other players. With popular mechanics including MineBombs at play, see how other players deploy them to get the most resources. While taking part in server events such as boss battles, watch the tactics other players use to defeat the monsters!

The game chat is also a great way to see which items are most popular for trading and what is in demand. When looking to earn extra money, you can see which enchantments and items to collect!

chasm on the prison servers minecraft multiplayer

2) Keep All Your Items On The Prison Servers

Mining alongside hundreds of other players means that you may come across dropped or gifted items. At the start of your prison servers adventure, it is a good idea to keep all of these. You may need them later for building your plot or upgrading custom items.

3) Don't Waste Your Money

There are plenty of fun features to spend your money on whilst playing. From custom pets to candies, there's so many possibilities! Don't worry though, as you spend more time in the prison game you will come across them.

dinosaur in the prison minecraft

To start with, focus on levelling up and unlocking mines with better resources. There are new materials every 3x mines, which can be sold or used for other purposes such as plot building!

4) Setup Your Controls & Mods

There are various mods and clients such as Lunar or Optifine which are permitted on many Minecraft severs with prison. Please note that these mods are not property of TheArchon and we do not take any responsibility for them.

However, they can enhance your Minecraft with simple improvements as better FPS and sprinting abilities. These can be very helpful when grinding in the mines. Default Minecraft settings such as FOV can also be adjusted for a better mining experience. Lastly, don't forget to find a great resource pack to make the jails more aesthetically pleasing!

redstone lapis stone mine prison servers

5) Team Up In Boss Fights

As we mentioned earlier in the article, it can very helpful to watch other players and see how they tackle the mob bosses. While we don't recommend tackling any bosses in your first session, you should learn to team with others when it comes to it. It is announced in chat when they spawn and then you can teleport to the arena.

While other players take them on with high-end custom swords, maybe you could be helpful with a bow and arrow? In the evening time, when the server is more populated, there are usually more players in the arena, so bare that in mind. It is also important to note that you will receive greater rewards if you do more damage to the monsters.