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Prison Servers in Minecraft: 6 reasons to start playing in 2022

The prison game mode has continued to evolve since its humble beginnings in Minecraft. From old school prison cells to what it has become today on TheArchon. Dozens of new features such as king of the hill, prestiges and more have evolved the game to a whole new place. Here's 5 reasons to start playing an OP Prison server such as TheArchon in 2022!

Candy Prison

The current season of TheArchon prison is candy themed. From the A-Z mines to the candies which are made just for our Minecraft server; this makes the game fun and fresh for players of all ages.

Grind your way to the top with the backdrop of candy canes, sweets and more. Get your own plot and plant candies which will grow and give you a variety of special effects.

Custom Plugins

From horse races to fishing; there's plenty of extras to do on the prison servers. This comes down to our wide range of custom plugins in action across the mines. These are created by our developers to improve gameplay and make it fun for even longer.

Have you tried the crash mini game? As you progress through the game, you'll discover a range of new features and mechanics on the prison server.

Unique Features on TheArchon

Prison Games

Mob bosses throughout the day inside the boss arena. Win the exclusive prize of the boss crate key by reaching a certain amount of damage.

This is great for those players towards the end game who are looking for something extra to do. Compete against other players to do the most damage.

That's not all; there's also a free world to be unlocked and explored. The free world is similar to a traditional survival multiplayer world and can be used to gain rewards inside the prison.

There's a variety of challenges to be completed for fun outside the main game. Access the free world by running the "/freeworld" command.

Custom Plugins on Minecraft Prison

Advanced Upgrade System

If you enjoy games that involve grinding and competing; prison in Minecraft ticks all the boxes. The whole game is based around upgrading your rank and making your way through the mines.

But that's not all; once you reach the top, you can prestige and complete challenges in other areas such as the free world.

Custom Enchantments

While custom enchantments have become popular in Minecraft in recent years, TheArchon is one of the few servers with a long-running and reliable system.

As prison contains lots of pvp battles, the pvp enchantments are great for enhancing this experience. Simply run the command "/ce" to get started and purchase the enchants.

Drag them onto your items to apply.

Amazing Cloud Network on TheArchon

Amazing Cloud Network

One of the best things about minecraft prison servers is that your progress is auto saved by TheArchon on our cloud servers.

This means that you can switch computers and pick up where you left off; without any character changes on your end.

The network is online 24/7 with state-of-the-art protection to ensure that your gameplay is not disrupted. Head into the mines and play with peace of mind today.