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SkyBlock Texture Packs For Minecraft [2022]

Want to change up the look of your skyblock game in Minecraft? Here's some texture pack ideas, including one used by Technoblade. Read the guide and learn how to install texture packs too!

How To Get A SkyBlock Texture Pack?

Texture packs on SkyBlock are no different to regular Minecraft. To get a texture pack, first you need to locate one that you like. Whether you search online or YouTube, or simply check out some of the options in this article. Download the texture pack of your choice and then follow these steps to install:

  1. Open Minecraft
  2. Go To Options
  3. Select Resource Packs
  4. Choose Open Resource Packs Folder...
  5. Drag The Download To The Folder

Faithful Texture Pack

As in the name, Faithful is one of Minecraft's "most iconic texture packs". The aim is to improve the resolution of everything in the game, which makes it a great choice for skyblock. While more PvP focused texture packs are great for battle, they don't cover as many textures. Faithful is great for when you're mining in the caves or improving your Minecraft skyblock servers island.

Download: Faithful

How To Make A Texture Pack In Minecraft

Making a texture pack for the game is much more complicated than installing one! It requires design work, which involves an external program such as photoshop. To  get started, you can extract the starting pack of your choice from the zip it comes in.

Browse through the folders, such as assets, and you will see how the images are displayed. Open them in the design program of your choice to start editing. Be careful, this is for advanced users only!

What Texture Pack Does Technoblade Use?

As of 2022, Technoblade does not currently use a texture packs in his videos. However, in his past videos, including skyblock, he used TimeDeo's "2k Pack Release".

Technoblade Minecraft Texture Pack

TimeDeo's 2k Pack

As mentioned above, this texture pack has been used by huge names in skyblock. It works well no matter what kind of computer you have, thanks to the 20x textures. It is made with PvP combat in mind, which makes it great for when you are battling in multiplayer! It is also good for mining, with stones faded out to more of a single color, while ores stick out with simple borders. Try it out if you are looking for something that is more functional!

Download: TimeDeo's 2k Packs

timedeo 2k pack minecraft


RPG and Ancient meet in this hugely popular resource pack. It has been used in YouTube series by the Yogscast dating back to 2011 and is still updated today! Take your skyblock servers island back in time with this texture pack. Go for a medieval theme with your builds and watch them come to life.

Download: GeruDoku

gerodoku minecraft skyblock texture pack

Sapixcraft Resource Pack

If you are looking for a high-end texture pack, SapixCraft can transform skyblock as you know it. It is made in the 512x512 resolution, which is both rare and stunning for Minecraft.

For context, the default texture pack is 16x16! It is more cartoon style compared to other texture packs, which makes for a fun experience. Expand your island with the fresh look that this resource pack provides!

Download: SapixCraft

Pollachius Resource Pack

Sitting at the other end of the scale, Pollachius textures are 8x8! Skyblock is a block game after all and this texture pack makes everything blocky! According to the pack maker, there is an emphasis on squares and a boxy aesthetic. If you like the Mario-style look, this texture pack may be the one for you!

Download: Pollachius

We are not affiliated with any of the texture packs and do not guarantee the safety of any download links.