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Minecraft Servers: SkyBlock Vs Outlands

Two very different game modes available on TheArchon. In this article, we'll look at the similarities between the Minecraft servers so you can decide which is best for you. Read now and join today!

Custom Items

There are custom items on both the Minecraft skyblock servers as well as Outlands. While on outlines they are more utility blocks, ranging from explosives to defensive blocks, on SkyBlock they are more end-game items. There's custom item upgrades, new fishing rods and Mob armor. Outlands requires a resource pack; while SkyBlock does not.

If you want to play something unlike anything you've played before, Outlands is a great choice. Whereas if you want an adventure with new things to do and items to unlock, SkyBlock is also a great option. Regardless of which server you pick, there are many new mechanics across TheArchon.

mobs on minecraft skyblock servers

Casual Gameplay

One difference is that SkyBlock is a much more casual game in comparison to Outlands. While there is a top island competition, your island is designed for building only. Unlike Outlands, there is no raiding or explosives. You can work through the quests at your pace and complete them as you learn more about the game. It is not as fast paced and can be enjoyed casually.

minigames on skyblock


  • Last Man Standing: This is something that makes SkyBlock different to outlines. The event occurs every three hours and provides rewards if you are one of the last five alive. Head into the battle arena and battle it out with other online players.
  • Adventures: On the SkyBlock servers, there is a separate world just for adventures. Complete challenges in order to get rewards for your island. While there is just one world on Outlands, there is the Middle Biome! It is an exclusive location on the map with the highest resource rates on the Minecraft gun servers.
  • Outposts: In a separate world on SkyBlock, you can battle with other players to control the outposts. Unlock island boosters to bring back to your home by gathering all your members to control it.
  • The Deep: Like the middle biome on Outlands, SkyBlock features the deep.
  • Arcade: Go horse riding, play darts and more in SkyBlock! The arcade can be unlocked by voting for the server. Earn money and other rewards which you can bring back to your world.
warfare on minecraft servers

Base Raiding

While SkyBlock is more of a casual game mode, TheArchon Outlands is a PvP game. If you want a more fast-paced gamemode with turrets, raiding and guns; outlines is the game to pick! Build a base and defend it using stronger blocks as you progress through the game. Explore the custom world to find enemy territory which you can raid. Find loot barrels in cities to get vehicles and weapons to use to make your clan even stronger.

pvp in minecraft skyblock server


One similarity between these Minecraft servers is that there are weekly competitions. Become the strongest clan in Outlands to win. This is measured by warehouse points which involves storing resources in your tool cupboard. Don't miss out on the Gladiator event on Saturday's which will increase your points by 10%. On SkyBlock, it works differently. The value of your island is taken into account to calculate the top islands.

Join the server today with the IP address skyblock.archonhq.net and choose a gamemode to start playing. We hope this guide helped to inform your decision about which to play 👍