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Summer Builds On SkyBlock Minecraft Servers

Summer is here, which means thousands of players will be heading onto the Skyblock islands! In this article, we'll look at some of the buildings you could make in this fun Minecraft game.

1) Treasure Island

Crates, loot and treasure are all part of any good Minecraft Skyblock server. Why not turn your island into one of treasure? Create a large beach as your base and you can even surround it with water using items from the shop. Maybe you could build a ship next to the island dedicated to visitors. Allow players to trade with you on the ship using the built-in trading mechanics. What flag will your island sport?

treasure island minecraft skyblock

2) Underwater House

Using blocks from the aquatic such as the lush coral reef, why not turn your island into an underwater house? In a skyblock-style world, this can be achieved by first building the house.

Surround it with a large enclosure, which you can then flood with water. It is better to encase the water within the island, to help client side lag which could occur from it flowing deep into the void. Colored glass, which hasn't always been available in the game, is a great choice to build your base with.

3) Fishing Port

One of the most fun parts about multiplayer is collaborating with other players. Go mining together, battle in PvP, or fish by the pond. Create a fishing port on your island and setup a warp so that other players can come fishing with you.

If you want to make some extra in-game money, you could sell special fishing rods to other players with chest shops. Collect the right enchantments and sell fishing rods with them attached.

TIP: Did you know that a warp is a waypoint which other players can teleport to? Set one up by creating a sign on your island with [WELCOME] as the top line text.

minecraft skyblock trader

4) Airplane

Many will head on their summer holidays with airplane. With all kinds of white/light palette blocks available, you could turn your island into an airplane! Unlike a survival world which has blocks and biomes to contend with, there is just the sky. Perfect! Have you ever created a mega project in Minecraft before? Invite other players to join you and work on it together.

5) Minecraft Hotel

Hundreds of players may be online in skyblock at any time. Think you've got what it takes to host guests on your island? What about a whole hotel? The huge 256 building heights makes recreations such as skyscrapers possible in the game. From classic to modern styles, all types of hotels could be created!

Last Updated: June 24, 2022