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Survival Vs Prison Servers In Minecraft

While both game modes are on the same Minecraft server, they offer very different experiences. See which is best for either building or a good adventure depending on what you are looking for. Read the guide and choose which to start playing today!

Shops & Trading

If you love the MMO experience with trading, shops and browsing player markets; survival may be more to your liking. While you still have all the top features such as the auction house on prison, survival is more creative with what you can do. You could setup your own market with chest shops anywhere in the world and let players come and trade with you.

There's even special features such as the shady merchant which is not part of the Minecraft prison servers. It pops up at certain times throughout the week and you must complete challenges in order to trade!

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Custom Items

If you like customising tools and weapons and putting them to use; this is possible on both game modes. However, items such as a good pickaxe is much more essential on prison. The whole game is about mining after all! Create OP kits on the best Minecraft prison server using custom enchants and new items such as pet armor.

For example, velociraptor pet armor gives you the chance to hit the mine with a fireball of sizeable destruction! Battle bosses and use the best items you can put together to take part in the top blocks competition.

However, that is not to say there are no custom items on the towny servers. Popular items such as custom enchantments can still be found, rarely, in loot chests within structures.

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Building & Resource Gathering

When it comes to building and resource gathering, survival provides a much bigger adventure for you to head on. Explore all that the huge multiplayer world has to offer. It is not confined to a premade map like the prison minecraft servers, but is rather a huge Minecraft world which are commonly up to 25,000 x 25,000 blocks big!

TheArchon survival is not like any other Minecraft survival server though! You may find custom structures while exploring around the world. Explore them and loot rare rewards. Travel around the world collecting resources and and earning money while in the jobs roles: Hunter, Crafter, Builder, Farmer, Smith, Excavator, Alchemist, Miner, Fisherman, Lumberjack!

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Levelling Up

If you love a game that is all about levelling up and unlocking new rewards, then the prison servers may be your new favorite game. It is all about hustling your way through the jails and working your way from A - Z. Prestige and be within the chance of making it onto the leaderboard for prestige top, where there's big money prizes up for grabs. See where you stand on the statistics leaderboards and how you compare to other players in the boss arenas. Will your rule the prison?

In our opinion, the survival server is more about collaboration and team building. Protect your land and invite players to work with you on mega building projects. Unlike singleplayer, you can work together with your friends and other players from across TheArchon server. There are still different types of levels and leaderboards, including mcMMO, which provides mom-like skills and abilities for you to work on.