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5 Tips To Escape Minecraft Prison [2022]

Minecraft prison is all about mining, trading and adventure to work your way out out of the prison. Along the way, meet other players and complete quests on your journey. See some of of our tips to escape the jail in this guide.

1) Play Together With a Friend

As a multiplayer game, Minecraft prison servers can be much more fun! Start out the game together with a friend. Mine your way through the blocks as a team, sharing loot and working on upgrades together.

In a dispute? Battle it out against each other in the arena. Unlocked a new enchantment which you already have? Trade it! On multiplayer, you can teleport to one another, party up to share XP and trade spare loot when you come across it.

dinosaur on minecraft server prison

2) Prestige for Extra Rewards

If you have what it takes to reach prestige, you will receive sell boosters, custom pickaxes and more to make the grind more rewarding. Sell boosters can be applied to your character and help you earn more money from selling blocks.

This can in turn make it easier to level up quicker and escape the prison. In order to prestige, you need to complete all the mines from A - Z. There are different levels of prestige available for those who love the grind.

cavern in minecraft prison server

3) Create Your Own Plot

Your plot is similar to your own cell in a real prison. Except, it is in Minecraft... enjoy a much larger space to call your own and transform. You can invite other players and team up to build together.

It is a great place to store items, build farms and more to help you in your classic prison servers journey. What's more, you can also explore all the other plots which players have made. See what the top players in the prison get up to and get inspired for your own plot.

4) Upgrade Your Tools With Custom Enchantments

To escape the prison with the best tools in the game, you need custom enchantments. They are available for both armor and weapons. When players refer to god sets of gear, they are talking about items with custom enchantments applied to them.

There are different tiers of upgrades available, each costing different amounts of EXP. When you obtain experience in the game, it is important to remember that it can be used for custom enchants.

golden mines on prison minecraft

5) Use The Shops

Money is the one of the top measures of success in prison. You use it for just about everything, from levelling up to buying the best gear. Item shops allow you to buy all kinds of tools, blocks and more for your adventure. However, that's not the only kind of shop. There are also Token Shops which unlock new ways to upgrade your mining. Progress through the shop to unlock new upgrades for your pickaxe.