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What Is A Jail Minecraft Server?

You may have heard about your friends playing on Minecraft prison servers, but what are they? In this article, we'll outline what happens when you go to jail.. in Minecraft!

What Are Minecraft Jail Servers?

On prison Minecraft servers, you are contained to the world you spawn in. There is no exploring or adventuring across thousands of blocks, like in Survival game modes. However, there are dozens of mines for you to mine through and make it to the end.

You start the game in the A block which is full of hundreds of blocks to be mined. Sell those blocks in order to level up and reach the next level. By standard, there are A - Z blocks. On the best prison servers, there's also premium and prestige mines to get stuck into.

But that's not all! Because it is a multiplayer game, there's much more to be discovered. Take part in online fishing contests, battle hardened bosses together and even collect a range of custom pets.

prison building on jail server

Types Of Jail Servers

There are two popular types of prison servers that are available today:

  • Old-school prison: These are the first types of jail servers that became popular. Traditionally, they had 4 prison blocks, ranging from A - D. The buildings and design were much closer to a traditional prison than what is popular today.
  • OP prison: When you are playing on an old-school server, you may be given a cell that you can rent to store your items and chests. In contrast, OP prison servers allow you to buy a plot. These are much bigger, often up to 100x100 blocks and can be used for all kinds of builds. The traditional prison look isn't always followed when on OP Prison! To keep things fresh, you may be mining amongst a candy mine or maybe even a dinosaur! Enchant your items to much higher levels and with new types of enchantments.

Jailbreak Minecraft Server IP

Want to play on one of the most popular Minecraft servers with jail? Join hundreds of other online players on TheArchon: skyblock.archonhq.net. To get started, open Minecraft and head to multiplayer. Input the above server address and start playing free.

minecraft jail server dinosaur

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