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Server Address Minecraft Guide [2022]

Minecraft Server Address

If you want to play on any Minecraft multiplayer game, you will need a server address. It looks very similiar to a website address, but may start with play or mc. It can be anything and some popular servers start it with the game. For example skyblock.archonhq.net.

How Do I Find A Server Address?

In Java section, there are no provided server addresses. This means that you can source games to play from areas such as Google, YouTube and server listing websites. There are lots of filters to help with your search. These can include the server version, types of games, popularity and more. It all depends on what you want to play!

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What Do You Need To Join A Multiplayer Minecraft Game?

Once you have the server address, you can add it in either direct connect or from the add server menu. The server name can be filled with any details of your choosing. It doesn't need to relate to the server address that you are joining. You must be playing on a compatible version of Minecraft. Many games such as Minecraft prison servers will work across all versions, but it is best to check first!

Show Your Current Server Address

If you would like to share the server address of the current server that you're on, head back to the multiplayer and see your list of servers. Click "Edit Server" on the server of your choice and the address will be displayed. If you used Direct Connect, it will display when you open that menu!

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What Is A Server IP In Minecraft?

From the name, you may think that a Minecraft server IP can only be numbers. But that isn't true and the majority of the type it is now a readable website domain. When Minecraft began, it was common to join a server by entering a number (IP address). Nowadays, it is usually the website name, but the nickname has stuck. It is officially referred to as the server address and is how you play many games like skyblock Minecraft servers.

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Shortcuts For The Server IP

You can copy and paste like normal within the Minecraft multiplayer input boxes. Copy a server address from the internet and paste it in using the common shortcut Ctrl & V. This will ensure that you have the address correct with no typos. If it does not work, ensure that you have not added a space by mistake at the end.