Today I am happy to announce a couple of requested changes and additions.

Before I get into the updates I just wanted to make another note on the cannon patches. We've had them setup on our development area for the past couple of days. We've had some users tested and approved that they're at a incredibly improved place. We will be putting these patches on Oblivion for a live test. Cannon rules still apply.

We have listened to the community and have finally implemented away for you to upgrade your ranks if you've used your redeem balance. You now have two options when selecting the server you wish you use your redeem balance on:


You will be able to upgrade from the current rank. Please note that you're required to have the previous rank. For example if I am the Janus rank on Kronos and want the Apollo rank, I need to have Janus applied to my account other wise it wont work.

Reminder: If you're short a couple of dollars, you can purchase extra redeem credit via our webstore.

We have gave out a decent quantity of Gift Cards so far. To users who have won f top, users who have reported game breaking duplications and bugs and for simply helping. But those users were unable to use their Gift Cards on anything besides ranks. So we will be allowing Gift Cards on the majority of our webstore apart from Redeem, Punishments & Crystals (crates).

The Gift Card changes will take effect within the next 24 hours.

We have added a request Discord channel named: "suggestions". We understand many users still use our forums but we want users to be active on both platforms. We have implemented this for users who do not have a forum account and prefer Discord.

If you're not connected to our Discord, you should be! I'm going to be doing some Gift Card giveaways over the next week to celebrate! You can join our Discord here:...

I am finally announcing the upcoming reset for the Atlantis realm. After countless dupes and glitches, it's time to reset and announce the next map for Atlantis.

For those wondering this will be classed as "season two". Previously a new season = a new server. This is not the case anymore.

Atlantis will shut down on Thursday, 21st of June at 8pm EST.

Atlantis Map II will be releasing on the 23rd of June at 2pm EST which is 11am PST.

The current Atlantis map will be turned off and whitelisted at 8pm EST on Thursday!

Before we get started, I'd like to make a quick note:

The Kronos and Atlantis Final F-TOP payment will be paid out this week along with the first Oblivion prize!

Now, let's get into the information everybody is interested in!

Atlantis will run for a total of 5 weeks from the release date, 1 of which will be the graceperiod in which no prize is distributed. The F-TOP prize will be $5,000.

It will be split up as follows:

$3,000 PayPal. $2,000 Buycraft Gift Card (Limited Packages).

4 weeks of Prizes:
  1. $450/week
  2. $200/week
  3. $100/week
On the final week there will also be a BONUS prize:
  1. $1,250 Giftcard
  2. $500 Giftcard
  3. $250 Giftcard
In order to receive your payouts your Faction leader must set their paypal with /setpaypal ingame. Do not change your Faction name to prevent the wrong Faction being paid out. In the result your Faction is DQ'd or disbanded we may deem your F-TOP payout to another Faction.

The Misc Information:

  • 50 Members per/faction
  • 50 Power per/player
  • 1 Ally & 0 Truces
  • The Overworld will have a 10,000 x 10,000 border
  • The Nether will have a 2,500 x 2,500 border
  • The End will have a 5,000 x 5,000 border
  • The End & The Nether will both be cannon (Flat)

Crate Keys:

We will be reverting back to the virtual key system TheArchon used for many...

I am finally announcing the upcoming reset for the Kronos realm. After countless dupes and glitches, it's time to reset and announce the next map for Kronos.

For those wondering this will be classed as "season two". Previously a new season = a new server. This is not the case anymore.

Kronos will shut down on Thursday, 14th of June at 8pm EST. Due to the early closure of Kronos we will be paying out the final F-TOP prize on Thursday. The final F-TOP snapshot will be taken at 5pm EST. We will be paying the final F-TOP prize in FULL for the cash amount.
  • Due to the early closure the 5th weeks prize will not be rewarded. The Giftcard.

Kronos Map II will be releasing on the 16th of June at 3:30pm EST and 12:30pm PST.

Kronos will be turned off and whitelisted at 8pm EST on Thursday!

Now, let's get into the information everybody is interested in!

We have decided to convert Kronos back to the old ways. We will not be doing weekly payouts for the second map of Kronos.

Kronos will run for 7 weeks from the release date. We will be doing the F-TOP payouts at the end of the map. We will announce the exact placement prizes & dates closer to the date.

We will be doing a HUGE $5,000 F-TOP prize. It will be broken down as follows:
  • $3,000 USD PayPal (1st-3rd place)
  • $2,000 Buycraft Giftcard (4-7th place)
The prizes and the amounts dedicated to each placement will be announced closer to the end date and the final snapshot.

The Misc Information:

  • 75 Members per/faction
  • 50 Power per/player
  • 1 Ally & 0 Truces
  • The Overworld will have a 10,000 x 10,000 border
  • The Nether will have a 2,500 x 2,500 border
  • The End will have a 5,000 x 5,000 border
  • The End & The Nether will both be cannon (Flat)
Custom Enchantments:

We will be changing our current system for Custom Enchantments. As...

This week we've been preparing for the next season of Kronos and Atlantis along with containing to work on bugs and duplications.

This update we focused on the most requested changes and addons. Upon the next reboot the following will happen:

  • Access to /tpahere (everyone)
  • /spawn in enemy land
  • /tpaccept in enemy land
  • /tpa in enemy land
  • /home in enemy land
  • Diamonds added to the Sell Wand list
  • Emeralds added to the Sell Wand list
  • /tnttoggle
All of these will be effective on the next reboot on all realms.

TNTToggle is something that we deployed awhile ago but didn't announce it. This has been added to help client performance and you are able to toggle certain settings related to TNT and cannoning!


Has other options such as disabling the sounds of TNT/explosions and viewing of falling entities (Gravel & Sand).

Along with that I am finally able to announce that we've enabled 2 Factor Authentication globally. This is not a REQUIREMENT. 2 Factor is completely optional, although we recommend that your secure your accounts.

To setup 2FA you will require a device that can install Authy or Google Auth.

Authy: https://authy.com/
Google Auth: https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/1066447?co=GENIE.Platform=Android&hl=en&oco=0

Before I get into the details, we will NOT be resetting users 2FA under any circumstances.

If you lose your device, you can work with the app you decide to use your recover your 2FA. We will also provide unique BACKUP codes in which you can use if you lose your device.

To setup 2FA on TheArchon simply login to pvp.thearchon.net and type the following command:
  • /2fa setup
You will be prompted with a screen that gives you some basic insight into our 2FA and the ability to cancel your...

Just wanted to start off by thanking everyone for joining today on the highly anticipated return of the Oblivion OP Factions realm, we hit about 250 unique players on SOTW which is fantastic seeing as we haven't even started advertising the realm yet.

I believe the youtuber for that realm (Skeppy) will be starting his series soon, if you would like to check out his channel, feel free to click here.

Here's whats in this weeks update:
  • Oblivion Realm Release
  • June Monthly Crate
  • EXP Pouches
  • mcMMO Pouches
  • Warlord Kit Ends Soon
  • SALE!
  • FearPvP & MineagePvP merge, Infectious Realm

Let's get into the updates!


It's June already, and that means we have of course released the June Monthly Crate across all realms.
Some items have been removed, and some new ones have been added or tweaked, so lets get into it.

Here's a picture of the Kronos June Monthly Crate:

Everything in the June Monthly Crate on Kronos is the same on the other realms, except for the legendary "Zeus" rank. On Atlantis, you'd win Octopus - and on Oblivion, you'd win King.

So lets get into what the changes are this month:
  • The May 2018 Tag has been replaced with the June 2018 Tag
  • /back has been replaced with /fix all
  • Paladin Kit has been replaced with Xiphos Kit
  • Instead of Small Money Pouches, you now get Medium Money Pouches
  • Instead of EXP Bottles, you now get EXP Pouches
  • Instead of random mcMMO levels, you now get mcMMO Pouches
  • Access to the Warlord Kit has been replaced with a Crystal Key Bundle
  • The new Global June Kit has been added. This kit can only be obtained via the June Monthly Crate, and you will receive access to this kit globally throughout the network. So even if you win it on Kronos, you'll have access on Atlantis & Oblivion as well. You will only have...

Upon the release of TheArchon we had an extremely high demand to re-release one of TheArchon's all time favourite servers - The Oblivion Realm.

I am happy to announce that this Friday, June 1st we will be releasing the Oblivion Realm. The server will be feature the content creator Skeppy.

You'll be able to purchase ranks, crate keys, infusion pickaxes, sell wands and much much more on our store:

STORE - shop.thearchon.net

The Oblivion Realm will feature the same Factions Top Prize as Kronos and Atlantis a $2,500 F-TOP prize. $1,500 of that being PayPal, the other $1,000 Buycraft gift cards. The map will run over a 5 week period (4 weeks of payouts)

Let's get straight into the details:

The Oblivion Realm will be releasing at 5pm EST on Friday, 1st of June. We will be releasing the ranks on /redeem within the next 48 hours for players to redeem their balances for ranks on Oblivion!

Oblivion will feature the following:

  • OP Factions
  • NO Custom Enchantments (other than Infusion Pickaxes)
  • No Class System
  • mcMMO
Misc Information:

  • 30 members per-faction
  • 75 power per-player
  • 10,000 x 10,000 Overworld
  • 2,500 x 2,500 Nether
  • 5,000 x 5,000 End
  • Nehter & End will both be flat.
  • Left shooting is disallowed
  • Spawners will not be invincible under water
Oblivion will feature most of the features currently live on both Kronos and Atlantis. We will be removing the Classes system & Custom Enchantments, with the exception of Infusion pickaxes from the store as they're technically trench pickaxes.

If you'd like a reminder of the features that are going to come to Oblivion, here is a summary:
  • Crate Keys Revert
    • We will be reverting back to a virtual crate key system removing the physical item.
  • Gen Bucket Changes
    • Added both Vertical &...

First off, I'd like to let you guys know that we're still actively working on improvements to the network. This includes performance improvements, bugs with the plugins and working with the community to ensure that everybody is happy in terms of our rulings. For those with issues related to wrongfully used cannons or a base issues please contact @Amazing via our Discord.

Within the next 48 hours, there will be an extremely important announcement coming that many have requested so make sure you're in our Discord and actively on our forums!

Today we will be releasing our update!

Coming in this update:
  • Warlord (+ Warlord Kit)
  • Coinflip
  • Tags
  • Monthly Crate

Let's get into the updates!
Warlord is making it's return. Warlord will be available exclusively in a Warlord kit which will be on sale for 1 week. Warlord items will be able to be purchased through the signs as previously on Wednesday, 6th of June. The kit will be taken from the store on Sunday, 10th of June.

You'll be able to purchase access to the Warlord kit via the "Kits" section of your selected server.

To be able to use the Warlord features you're required to have a full set of Iron armour on.

Here is a little information on how Warlord works:

Upon activating your kit (or purchasing from /warp warlord upon release) you'll be given the following (depending on which you purchase from a sign):
  • Sugar - This will provide Speed III for 6 seconds to all faction members in a close radius.
  • Blaze Powder - This will provide Strength III for 4 seconds to all faction members in a close radius.
  • Slime Ball - This will provide Slowness III for 6 seconds to all enemies around you.
Speed & Strength both have a 15 second cooldown. Slowness has a 25 second cooldown.

I would...

As you guys may know, myself as well as @Chris are the Managers here on the Archon. In this announcement, I will be introducing the staff members as well as addressing some application requests.

Please welcome our current staff:

@AlexIsAKoala , @HexRainbow , @Hitch , @Fresh , @JamieAlejandro_ , @MajesticPlays , @RodoggA , @Scorpzzz , @Vaperz , @_diam , @Redicicle , @Chewy , @Currywurst_36 , @FloatBoat , @respect , @SheepeyDarkness & @SuperRandum !

@Blur , @Nibchewjj , @PinoyShreks , @Prop4FORDAYZ , @Thins , & @Chrome !

I'm very happy with the amount of staff applications that we have received, and I'm working on getting through them all. As a reminder, please try to be as original as possible, and include as much detail as you can.

Currently, I am more focused on recruiting Atlantis staff, since we are limited. Therefore, if you do not have your heart set on Kronos, please include your interest in Atlantis. This could be a make or break for your application. There is always an opportunity to transfer over at a later date. Also, we are mainly seeking out helpers on the AU and EU timezones because of our overload of NA staff. That does not mean if you are NA that you won't be accepted, this is just our main priority at the moment.

Thank you for your continuous support, and feel free to PM me with any questions!

~ Archon Staff...

So we're finally live! After a wavy Friday we had to delay the release of TheArchon until Saturday, yes we did run into a few other issues but we continued to find other issues even after stress tests showed results that things were heavily improved.

But we're finally live and we've already made a ton of fixes and improvements. I personally was extremely sick yesterday so I didn't have much interaction but our developers did an incredible job of interacting with you guys and patching up those pesky bugs..

  • You now longer respawn at your /f home. You'll be sent to /spawn instead
  • Added the following commands for Minechat and console clients:
  • /kronos - This will send you to the Kronos server.
  • /atlantis - This will send you to the Atlantis server
  • Improved Printer
  • Improved Hopper speeds
  • Increased a mobs lifetime to help grinding (10s > 120s)
  • Fixed an issue with the south border alignment
  • Fixed an issue which caused you to be pulled back when in /f fly
We are actively working on other issues that you've reported too. We're working on resolving the Faction Permission issues and are hoping to be rolling out a ton of fixes tonight for that. We will also be nerfing the prices of the /enchants in the next reboot too.

We have had a ton of payment issues and have created an official contact email. If you have a purchase issue that has happened since the new ownership of TheArchon please send an email to [email protected] with some basic information:

  • IGN (Ingame name)
  • Transaction ID
  • Date of purchase
  • Email used on Buycraft & which email the payment came from
We expect high demand to the support email and anticipate that it may take upto 48 hours for a response. Please note we can only provide support to purchases made since TheArchon came under new ownership.

Join me in welcoming both @Chris & @Leyla as Staff Managers for TheArchon. They will be...

So as you maybe aware we recently launched TheArchon again and it did not exactly go as planned. After us spending the last few hours since release looking through debug, we've decided that we're going to delay the release of TheArchon.

This obviously is a hard decision for us but it's a required one. Due to the lag issues many Factions lost their faction names, corners and lost items/keys.

TheArchon will re-release on May 12th at 4pmEST.
We will also be re-executing ALL Buycraft purchases. I do ask that you continue to be active in Discord as we will be running regular tests from the changes we're going to be making throughout the night.

Just to confirm the following:

- TheArchon Kronos WILL reset. It will be a fresh map for eveybody upon release.
- Buycraft will be re-executed.
- Atlantis will release at 4:30PM EST.

I'd like to apologise to each and every one of you that turned out. It was an amazing turn out and I'm hyped to see the same turnout tomorrow. For those that couldn't make the release today, you're in luck then!

Keep your alerts on Discord as we request players for stress testing! You can join our Discord here: https://www.thearchon.net/discord