It's time to finally announce the details of the highly anticipated return of TheArchon. As many of would be aware prior to my last post which you can find by clicking HERE. TheArchon is now under completely new ownership and management.​

We will be having a network wide 30% sale on EVERYTHING. Visit the store: https://shop.thearchon.net

With that, prior to the announcement of the new ownership the new owner and his team were working tirelessly in the background preparing for the re-release of TheArchon. With that I am happy to announce that TheArchon will make it's return on the following date.
Friday, 11th of May at 5pm EST (10pm GMT, 2pm PST)
IP: pvp.thearchon.net

Feel free to check out our trailer:​


Before I get into the details of the F-TOP I just want to clarify some important information:
  • There will be a 1 week grace period
  • 30 Members per-faction. 50 power per-player
  • The map will end on June 15th at 3pm EST. (5 week map. 4 weeks of competition)
  • All bans & blacklists will be wiped (inc. Chargebacks)
  • The Overworld will have a 10,000 x 10,000 border
  • The Nether will have a 2,500 x 2,500 border
  • The End will have a 5,000 x 5,000 border
  • The End & The Nether will both be cannon (Flat)
  • Left shooting is disabled, insiding is not allowed, spawners are not invincible under water.
Regarding Faction rules, our regular Faction rules are enforced.

We will be running a Factions Top prize which will be paid WEEKLY. We...


It's been awhile since I've made one of these.. As some of you may already be aware, TheArchon has undergone a complete ownership and management change. The server is under complete new ownership. The new owner has huge plans for the revamp and revival of TheArchon.

I am going to be continuing as the manager for TheArchon with oversight from the new owner, trkey. Some of you may already be aware of that name as he has extensive knowledge with managing and owning large Faction servers.

Since the change in ownership there has been no expense or time wasted in creating and developing the revamp. Trkey has hired a full team of developers who are currently actively working on development updates for TheArchon and will continue to upon the release.


I've already received a ton of messages regarding these topics so I'm going to do my best at answering some of those now!

Q: Will bans reset?

Yes. We will be relaunching with a completely empty ban list. This also includes any blacklists and chargeback bans.

Q: Will we keep our ranks?

Yes. We plan on having a system which will give you a "$" balance ingame. For example if you had a $175 rank from TheArchon you'll have a $175 balance ingame.

Once you've logged in you'll be promoted to open a GUI in the Lobbies which you will then select the server you wish to spend your balance in. Once you've selected the server you'll have the option to select which rank you wish to buy from that server. You'll be shown all the features of the ranks along with the price that it'll deduct from your balance.

You will be able to do this on every server you wish, you can also stack ranks. This means you can have access all the ranks with their permissions and kits if you wish to spend your balance on that!

Q: How much power per-player and member limit?

There will be 30 power per-player...