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Feb 19, 2017
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Important video coming on my channel tonight regarding TheArchon, Rusher & the new season. Sep 18, 2017

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    1. BerSerK_OG
      I cant join the server i get the message Network is unreachable. What can i do to fix it?
      1. Gpod
        Try resetting your router, or the IP of the server.
        Sep 2, 2017
    2. Sindre
      I haven't played for a long time. I bought a kit on white. For maybe 1-2 years. There is no white, did i just lose my rank or am i able to get it back somehow on any colours? If so, may i have it on black. I don't quite remember what kind of rank i bought. Hopefully you guys have that info. Ty
    3. o0ThatOneGuy0o
      Its been Down ever scond of the day for me wtf?
    4. TjallingOG
      Can you please fix the custom enchants on atlantis. we only have 4 tier 3 enchants and a couple and not even close to the enchants on phantom.
    5. ryanpiole123
      omg this server
    6. ryanpiole123
      when will it be back up?
    7. Sansthesansta
    8. ryanpiole123
      hey man why is the server down
      1. Sansthesansta
        Aug 5, 2017
    9. oDesire
      butter me up dad
    10. Rangers_1972
      I play on blue and when i put down my 11 skelly spawners what they do is when i hit them whether it was a big or small stack they would disappear and stack with the new skellys coming down. This makes it very hard to grind mobs and makes it impossible to rankup. Please fix this or tell me a way to fix this
    11. Yanasaki
      I lost my rank, I've emailed the support email and i'm not really getting anywhere.. I was wondering if you could pm me or we could talk on ts to get the straight?
    12. Mike
      Curt i really need help i had a bunch of auctions up and they all disappeared it says they expire it dose not say that they just get deleted i lost a lot of valuable items please help me.
    13. _LordE_
      Help Curtis our everyone's faction bal was clear I had 14mil in there !!!
    14. Noah Bowling
      Noah Bowling
      Curtis, I need help, I lost one of my kits (Beast kit) on my account when Aqua switched to Atlantis. I bought the kit on gold but transferred it to aqua. Can you please look into this. Thank you!
    15. Jmjmd
      Can you look at my ban appeal? I would really love to play Archon again.
    16. masterxd24
      Hey i got temp banned for no reason when i was tryin to get a key
    17. CavernsJr
      Hey can you unban me of store so i can donate?
    18. Faithful
      Yo Curtis I doubt you will see this but if you do I was wondering if you can help me. I recently transferred my rank from gold, green, and cyan to blue. I was wondering if you can change my ranks, and no fall to silver. I would really appreciate it :)
    19. Bossjx
      The times are diff its 6 pm east in game and 5 on here
    20. Tbug1
      Someone charged back on my acc on diff servers so I cannot donte
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