Archon Staff Strike System

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    Archon Staff Strike System

    The Archon Staff Team will be implementing a strike system. This strike system will apply to ALL members who possess a staff rank.​

    Examples of what could give a staff member a strike:

    -Insiding as Staff

    -Scamming as Staff

    -Leaking Staff Information

    -Cursing on The Archon platforms

    -Abusing Staff permissions

    -Using your Rank to Take Advantage


    -Playing on an Alt (Applies to staff ranks Trial Mod and up)

    -AFKing on the server

    -Association with any illegal activities (EX: Ddosing, Doxing, Hacking, Swatting)


    -Trash Talking


    -Not doing your job/favoritism/Bias

    -Lying to Administration

    Strike 1: Verbal Warning

    Strike 2: Derank from current rank

    Strike 3: Demotion

    (Punishments will vary in the amount of strikes that are given. Some punishments are more extreme than others and we will give out strikes accordingly)

    Lying from either parties regarding these strikes, whether that be with false proof or lying that it happened, will result in a punishment.

    Just because a punishment isn’t listed here, doesn’t mean that you won’t get a strike for breaking rules, this list will be updated as we see fit.

    If you have a report against a staff member, please create a thread using the links provided below:

    Format for Staff Report:

    Section to Make the Report:
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    • Winner Winner x 1
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