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    Below are a list of changes that have been applied in the past 72 hours (or will be applied on reboot tonight)

    • Added a conversion for the XP to levels to the description of XP Bottles
    • Fixed tab list colors being incorrect
    • Added /f chest as an alias of /f vault
    • Added TNT to the shop as a sellable item
    • Added God Apples to the shop on Oblivion
    • Added some extra commands to the blacklsit during combat (/pv and /f chest)
    • Allow more items in /f vault. Block only spawners
    • Reduced sell wand price markdown from 20% to 5% compared to /shop
    • Fixed an issue that caused some paper item perks to not be redeemable
    • Added some more restrictions to /printer mode
    • Fixed the pig_zombie disguise returning an internal error
    • Improved the consistency of growth ticking outside your own chunk
    • Majorly improved the performance impact of the KoTH scoreboard
    • Numerous performance improvements for all realms
    • Fixed an issue that would cause players to occasionally get kicked while in /printer

    Thank you for the feedback and the bug reports you give staff members, please keep them coming! We make improvements to the server every single day, and will continue to do so until everything is perfect. In particular we are currently focusing on making performance improvements & reducing lag spikes as much as possible, so thank you for your patience.
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