August 13th

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    Below are a list of changes that have been applied in the past 72 hours (or will be applied on reboot tonight)

    • Removed player damage from explosions
    • Fixed an issue allowing player to use /f vault in combat
    • Made cactus that falls in water get instantly removed (use Chunk Hoppers instead)
    • Several server-side performance improvements related to farms
    • Bugged Chunk Hoppers will now repair themselves
    • Increased God Apple cooldown on Atlantis and Kronos
    • Officially implemented the new /shop
    • Added potions back to /shop
    • Fixed Chunk Hoppers picking up mob spawners
    • Fixed an issue allowing Factions to destroy their spawners with explosions
    • Fixed votes from Minecraft-MP not displaying in /vote
    • Fixed some player names not displaying correctly in tab
    • Fixed obsidian being indestructible below Y=2
    • Several miscellaneous server-side performance improvements to aid smooth cannoning

    We're aware of some issues relating to cannon mechanics that are not as they should be - we are investigating these issues and working to make changes as quickly as possible.

    Thank you for the feedback and the bug reports you give staff members, please keep them coming! We make improvements to the server every single day, and will continue to do so until everything is perfect.
    Thank you for your patience.
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